Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons Review

Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons

VStEP, which has been working on more than thirty fire, safety, train and sea simulations at a professional level since 2002, first released Ship Simulator for the PC platform in 2006. The construction, which was the first and only ship simulation for the PC, attracted quite a lot of attention, although it was criticized for its heavy pace and some errors. The add-on package that followed the 2006 version also focused more on troubleshooting errors. After a break, Ship Simulator 2008 realized the features that were lacking in the production, closed the errors and presented us as a higher Game playability. But a cut who complained about the slowness of the game’s pace continued to insist on its propaganda. VSTEP is more ambitious this time, keeping its horizons wider in New Horizons, a new add-on package.


It is worth noting that this is a ship simulation. In this regard, it should not be forgotten that we are facing a production in which realism is at the forefront. Because there is not much change in the tempo of the game. I appeal to those who complain about the low pace of ship handling or how little action there is; please board the city lines steamer once in your life before condemning the construction! The company, which says 280,000 original copies have been sold worldwide, underlines that the series has gone a step further with New Horizons. New Horizons retains all the content that was in the 2008 version as is. However, features such as new high-detail ships, large-scale playable and downloadable missions, advanced navigation systems, and advanced visual effects are available in the new game.

Because New Horizons is an add-on package, it needs the original Ship Simulator 2008 installed to be installed. It also automatically installs the Update and Patch files that came out after installation, making the installed game the best. Along with the add-on package, 8 new ships are coming, including modern tugboats, pusher boats, cargo ships. 20 new missions with new environments and ships are waiting for us to be completed. Missions are no longer limited to those in the game. Playability is increasing with downloadable missions over the Internet. A new zone has been added in the construction. Developed with “Bump Mapping” technology with advanced visual features, the region is Cornwall/England. Visual details and environmental features appear to be better in the area. One of the added actions of ships in the game is to push and pull cargo ships by tying them to trailers with a rope, while another action is to enter and walk into the engine rooms of trailers. In New Horizons, the biggest development is the addition of Multiplayer mode to the game. Through online games you can enter into fights with your friends. From large cruise ships to small yachts, it’s up to you to play calmly, or fight for your life against raging waves and storms. Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons is making progress in itself by raising the bar one more step. Graphics and visual details appear to be improving, especially on ships. In a game where there is not much in terms of sounds, you can really experience a feeling of simulation. If we were to say could the series have been in an even better spot, the answer would most likely be yes. But given the features it contains and there are no other alternatives in the market, New Horizons will again be the best choice to play.

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