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Shadow of Colossus

Shadow of Colossus – When you start SoC, a cinematic demo will welcome you. Here we witness the journey of the character we will lead with his horse Agro, his closest friend, taking the lifeless body of his loved one with him. Our hero, who crosses mountains and stones one by one and comes to a land that has no end, enters the castle, which is huge. As we try to figure out where he came from, all of a sudden we hear a divine voice calling towards us. The voice tells us that if we kill 16 Giants in his universe, he will give life to our lover. Our hero, who accepts the offer, looks his girlfriend in the eye one last time and begins this difficult task. In addition to the 2 weapons that we can use in our game, we have an ancient friend, our horse Agro. We will try to defeat each other’s formidable giants with our weapons set consisting of arrows and swords. Although it seems difficult at first, it becomes a fearful dream of giants after a certain period of time, especially as our sword has quite powerful features. It also gives us some kind of guidance so that we don’t get lost in this boundless world. When we lift our sword up, we can understand where we are going thanks to the light coming out of the top. I’d say it’s kind of a more fantastic version of the arrow mark in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Once in this production, you will not see monsters, dangerous birds or zombies. Your target is only 16 different Giants. After you find out where these are hidden with the help of your sword, all that remains is to eliminate them one by one. Of course, this is not as easy as thought. All Giants have their own characteristics and weaknesses. These appear due to the light coming out of the tip of your sword. All you have to do is stick your sword into the sensitive areas of the Giants or throw your arrow. So they’re hurting, and they’re acting in your favor. For example, when a giant you encounter hits its sensitive area on the sole of the foot, it has to bend to the ground. So we have a chance to climb on this big creature. Usually, all Giants ‘ bodies are covered in hair. Shadow of Colossus

All you have to do is move on to them tutuna tutuna and find the weak spots. It’s not easy to do them on something that’s almost the size of an apartment and is constantly on the move. As soon as they realize that you are on top of it, they immediately start moving strongly from right to left. Also, our character has a certain level of energy. If we can’t find a flat area or a place to rest on these creatures, our hero immediately falls to the ground. Keep your eye on your energy bar as you move over the Giants. Or you will go to him before your lover comes back to life (!) Apart from finding sensitive areas of these huge creatures, you will need to determine tactics to destroy some of them. All you have to do here is analyze the environment thoroughly and attack accordingly. You are already figuring out what to do after a certain period of time or how to follow the path according to the movements of the Giants. The important thing is that you don’t get hurt in this process, because those who are standing in front of you are not friendly at all. Some attack you with their fists, another with his sword, which is almost the size of a throat Bridge. If you can’t be fast enough, you immediately die as a result of the blows you will receive. So be as fast as you can when determining your tactics. In any case, your horse is your greatest help in this regard. You can control Agro quickly or slowly.

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Shadow of Colossus

SoC has neither a shortage nor a surplus as artificial intelligence. From the moment you enter a giant’s field, you are subjected to its attacks. He’s always threatening you, like he’s never taken his eye off you. Some creatures react to your movements. This, in turn, usually occurs in those who can fly. You shoot them with your arrow and draw their attention to you. Of course, before you do that, you need to determine your tactics well. Other than that, the game in general is not very difficult. Although it seems to have repeated itself, in the end you are never bored because they all have different characteristics. The sequence numbers and names of the Giants in SOC are; Shadow of Colossus

1 -) The Ogre
2 -) Seaside Cave
3 -) Sleeping Giant
4 -) The Horse
5 -) The Bat
6 -) Temple Giant
7 -) Thunder Ripple
8 -) Wall Shadow
9- ) Dry Lake Sleeper
10 -) Earthshaker
11 -) Flame Guardian
12 -) Silent Thunder
13 -) Traildrifter
14 -) Destruction Luster
15 -) Fallen Sentry
16 -) The Final Colossus

As I said at the beginning of my article, there are no other creatures in our game than the 16 Giants I counted above. So when you’re driving through vast terrain, you can be as fast as you can. There will be no other malevolent monster in front of you. The creatures ‘ most sensitive places are usually on their heads. That’s the highest place you can get out. Your goal should be to stab your sword strongly at its weak point. Don’t think it’s all over after you eliminate the last creature. Hard mode, which opens in the main menu, allows you to play at a more difficult level. Here you will engage in a great struggle with every giant. Personally, after playing normally, I had a hard time in this department. He put me through a lot and tired me out. Shadow of Colossus

Let’s move on to the graphics of our production. Think Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa, or Beethoven’s 9.his Symphony. I’d say it’s the only one of its kind in Soc, like these marvellous works of art. It is such an aesthetic and design marvel that it can immerse you in completely different dreams while playing. First of all, a great job has been done in creating the atmosphere. Trees, flowers, mountains, birds, streams and many other elements seen in the environment are very realistic. It’s so well adapted to the game that sometimes you want to stop playing and look around. In addition, lighting, shadows, coatings, in short, everything you can think of in terms of graphics is close to perfect. Although the modeling of the characters is not like Half Life 2 or Doom, they are created in their own style. Think of ICO, think of the graphics and atmosphere it has. I would say that this structure is a much improved version of ICO. Take our horse, Agro, who is with us everywhere, the best friend of our character. I’ve never seen a horse modeling so close to reality in a game before. You’ll have a hard time distinguishing the movements from the fact that he runs. Now, perhaps graphically, let’s examine the Giants that are the heart of the game. To sum it up, you won’t believe your eyes. If you see a giant the size of an apartment or skyscraper in front of you, what would your reaction be? Now, with this game, dreams come true. Don’t be too afraid when you see our creatures with incredible detail and modeling. Just Avoid! I like the lighting effects in Soc in general. This was the most noticeable feature in the construction, which was usually designed close to perfection. Also, as the frame rate is not much of a drop, the fact that a game with such a good design works without slowing down stands out as the programming success of the production team. After God of War, I realized what Playstation 2 can still do with good program knowledge.

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In terms of sound and music, the game is close to perfect, as is the graphics. Especially the music is very high quality and their contribution to the atmosphere of the game is quite large. As you travel with your horse in a fantastic world, you can not come to enthusiasm with the pieces that play in the background. Sony already puts a lot of emphasis on music and audio features in its games. They did an extremely good job with this production again. As sound effects, in the game, there are giants that come out first. Each creature has its own characteristics, such as walking, grumbling, shouting. When they do, if you also have a good sound system, you are quite likely to be afraid. With these features that are very close to reality, the atmosphere once again gains a strong helper. It’s also quite amusing that our character shouts ‘Argoooo’ when calling out his horse. Shadow of Colossus

Shadow Of Colossus is one of the highest quality productions in recent times. It stands out with its original gameplay and technical difference. It’s a production that comes out of the hands of a team that has signed a project like Ico. Camera angles don’t cause any problems, and they help us a lot. Especially the cinematic angle is very well thought out. When we use it, the camera can take place in various variations around our character. When you meet the Giants, you have to check the camera all the time. I recommend the construction that is currently only on the Playstation 2 platform to all console lovers. I hope projects like this come up a lot. Shadow of Colossus

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