Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Review

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

How long has it been since the first one came out? It has been 6-7 months, however.. While most of us were still (without cheating) trying to finish the game above the easy level, the latter came. I think the third one is half complete. You know, studio, casting, story, etc. like, there are terrible Brazilian sequences that are prepared without ever swinging, and this game is more or less like that.

When the first one came out, he had “split”the players in half. A group liked the game by saying,” Oh, my god, it’s so beautiful, it’s so cute, we’re already tired of FPS with an atmosphere, an exciting story, it was awesome, “and a group said,” it’s just a ridiculous and boring quake copy that you keep shooting, ” which I’m from this second group. In fact, I think I’m the only person in that group. I look at game magazines, websites, they can’t put the game on the ground. The most commonly said is”one-on-one to relieve stress.” Yeah, but watching an aquarium has the same effect..

As you can see, I didn’t like the first one very much. If you do not understand, read the review of the first game written by my person by clicking here, if nothing happens when you click there, Murat is lazy and did not give a link, never mind. At the beginning of the review, let me tell you that it doesn’t stay in me: I didn’t like the latter any more. Serious Sam is kind of like a television, so he thinks that the lower the quality, the simpler it gets, the more attention it gets. However, I just happened like that. He’s a platform game. As it was very easy, it gained” new features “such as” escaping from the columns that descend and rise”,” jumping over the propellers”. All it can give is continuous action, adding such absurd things to a game has become completely unbearable.. I’ll tell you this, after the fifth episode, I removed the game because I was really bored.

If you’re wondering about the changes, not much. The story didn’t exist, and now it doesn’t. (The Flying Saucer Sam is riding in collides with a vehicle used by onion-headed aliens, and Sam falls into an unknown area of the world, etc..) Atmosphere is still out of the question. Well, what have you got? A graphics engine with a little makeup, three five new enemies and weapons.. In other words, things that can also happen in a mode that an amateur player can complete in three or four months if they are frequent. Croteam’s only advantage over an amateur player is that he can make a lot of extra maps. In other words, the continuation part of the game, indeed “continuation”, is already the reason why it can be completed in such a short time. On the other hand, there is not much that can be added to a game that has nothing but the “pleasure” of shooting without interruption. Because he knew this at Croteam, he went on to resort to “revolutionary innovations” such as platform jumpers. In fact, he dug his own well in doing so, because as I said above, all the game has to offer is never-ending action, while such jumps/jumps interrupt that action and squeeze the player.

Do you still insist on learning” innovations”? All right, then.. The graphics engine (probably because the Egyptian atmosphere will no longer make you want to vomit) has been renovated to create things like trees, grass. Of course, the system needs have increased a little. I ran the first game with 64 RAM and 8 MB of video card, I couldn’t run it properly. The coatings are a little better now. In the first game, there were also huge open areas, there are even more “open” areas in this. Even let me say that when I first saw it, there were a lot of places where I said, “Damn, he couldn’t have installed it all at once, I’ll definitely go into the load screen now.” Now (fortunately) the claim of the Egyptian environment has been abandoned, especially the first parts are constantly set in wooded areas.

New enemies have been added, such as a pumpkin-headed type carrying a hızar in his hand and a strange thing throwing rockets. And new weapons, items.. I don’t remember if it was in the first game, but a commando knife (as you can imagine, it doesn’t work), a speedster, a flamethrower, a sniper rifle, as well as items that allow you to move faster, making you “god” for a while.. Everything you’re looking for, Bon Appetit. I have to pass. I gave him a 75 in the first game, I gave him a 65 because he lowered the level even further. In the third (because they have nothing else to do, they will reduce the quality thoroughly), the grade will be 45. But you don’t look at me.. A lot of those who play like crazy, Murat comes at the beginning of the moment. He said that if I gave the game less than 90 points, he would feed me to Pasha (Murat’s scabby and paranoid cat). Pasha, open your paws, I’m coming..

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