Second Sight Review

Second Sight

Action games are undoubtedly of great interest. Thanks to these productions, in which we rasp a little bit of the suppressed sense of violence in people, users are immersed in the realms of imagination. Sometimes, as in the GTA, we found ourselves among organized crime organizations, sometimes as a story from his past, as in The Hitman, we did assassinations. Again, one of the games where we will be in the position of a man looking for his past is Second Sight. The game, which was about 6 months since the X-Box version came out, finally met with PC users recently.

Where is here? Where am I?

Before we begin our first mission, we watch a beautiful video. He was hospitalized. As we lie on a stretcher seriously injured, we hear conversations around us. But it always sounds echoed. A perfectly thought-out detail. It’s simple that we’re not ourselves. We close the video and move on to the game with the doctor injecting drugs. We wake up not knowing how long it’s been, and when we open our eyes, it’s obvious something’s wrong with us. We immediately get rid of the tapes that bind our hands to the bed and get up. From now on, we’re in control…

The first thing that catches our eye is that there are marks of assault all over us. As a matter of fact, we walk around in wraps like mummies. The in-Game video is also revealed in a short time what is an interesting situation that remains in our minds. As if it wasn’t enough that it was a miracle that we came back from the dead, we have a talent that cannot be explained by the laws of nature! Thanks to this feature called Telekinesis, we can communicate with objects remotely. But for now, it’s just lifting an object, holding it in the air, or dragging it. The door to the room we’re in closes from the outside. Because we’re inside, there’s only one thing left to do. Hold down the right mouse button and press the left key. So we interact with the mechanism that will open the door and leave the room.

Have you seen it? What Have I done!

It’s fun to use a feature called Telekinesis. In the rooms we enter, there are objects that we can interact with a lot. And you start playing with them, whether you want to or not. Especially when you hang out in a place; you start disrupting the surrounding monitors, turning and turning the boxes…

The effect of telekinesis on enemies is also very interesting and realistic. Imagine someone standing in front of you lifting the chair into the air without any physical contact! It’s a scary situation, isn’t it? That’s how the enemies in the game get scared when they see you, and they crouch down and run in fear. However, this doesn’t take too long. When they come back, they act like nothing happened. If you do not use your telekinesis again against them, they will attack you immediately. In such cases, you can approach from behind your afraid enemies, catch them and kill them with the “space” button.

Initially, it is also available in your “Heal” feature. That’s why you’re miraculously recovering in the hospital where you came in with serious injuries. Already in the first in-game video, Heal appears as the source of the blue light surrounding our body.

Of course, there is a limit to our use of our supernatural abilities. There’s a blue bar under the red bar that shows our health status. As we use our superhuman abilities, this blue bar, which decreases, does not worry, will soon fill up. I have to point out that thanks to this trait, it is almost impossible for us to die. When we’re about to die, we can find a place to hide and easily complete our health. In this way, you become an unstoppable force that defies technology. Also in one detail, your character’s walking and posture changes when you get hit. And when you get your health back, it goes back to the way it was.

I kind of Remember!

Often the first parts of the games are referred to as “traning”. In fact, because of its simplicity, the first part of Second Sight can also be considered an exercise. But 2. division is really a training division. 2, where we see parts of the story begin to form. the episode is 6 months ahead of what happened in the first episode. We find out we’re checking on a doctor named John Vattic. We’re involved in a covert operation in Siberia. They say we’ll be given military basic training. 2 at this point. chapter begins. No sign of the character in the first episode, bald, bruised and bandaged. Someone in sportswear, glasses and even hair is John Vattic! So, what happened during the 6-month period? Here is the game, returns to us both transfer this, and with the skills we have gained, we play 6 months later.

In Chapter Two, as I just mentioned, we are undergoing military training. At the end of the episode, where we will practice a lot, from target practice to hiding, we return to 6 months later and find ourselves in the hospital. Psi Attack is one of the most effective attack forces in the game, where we gain new abilities as we progress through episodes! This feature is 3. the episode is won and, unfortunately, consumes the Blue Bar, which decreases when we use supernatural powers, in a very short time. In the same episode, you also get invisibility. It’s a very effective ability in strategic moments.

6 months ago, 6 months later…

Actually, there are two sides to the game. In the episodes where we wake up in the hospital, where our psychic powers are present, the game progresses as tactical action, while in the missions where we go back to 6 months ago and control John Vattic, we move in the pure action genre. Obviously, at this point, the game creates a dilemma. When we went 6 months ago, the game was nothing more than ordinary action. It even presents some problems with playability. Because the targeting system is automatic, but it doesn’t lock directly on the target. Instead, we’re locked in a frame with the enemy inside. Then, by moving the target, we have to pin down the enemy. Although it is not a very common system, it is not very useful. It’s also quite difficult to move from one goal to another. Because it is an automatic lock, it is directly fixed to the element that is right in front of you, but far away, while an enemy that is much closer, but stuck on the edge, can shoot you. In situations like this, it takes a lot of work to change the target.

6 months later, when we play in the sections of tactical elements, the game becomes even more playable. Otherwise, if it was a purely action-type production, it could not go beyond an ordinary game of Second Sight. Pay particular attention to cameras and alarms in the game, where we set various strategies with the help of our psychic powers. Disrupt the cameras you see with Telekinesis. Otherwise, it’s possible that you’ll be constantly harassed by enemies. Likewise, if the alarm goes off, I would like to point out that the enemy will never end. Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong, the enemy never ends! Even worse, the patrol you killed in a place you passed before is immediately replaced by a new one. But it has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. As if they were teleporting! For example, you approached a patrol guard in a room from behind, quietly killed him, and moved into the next room. When you come back, the previous enemy is replaced by a new one! That’s one of the biggest problems of this game! Sometimes you have some pretty ridiculous moments. 3. there’s a door in the department that we can’t open. To open it, we need to accelerate the spinning propellers with telekinesis. But because the enemy is constantly flocking behind us, we deal with them first. At this time, enemies begin to flock from the corridor where there is a door that does not open. But the door is closed! Such logic errors affect the atmosphere of the game in a very negative way.

And there’s a weakness in the ability of enemies to see. You’re almost there, but he can’t see you. Even if we stand directly in front of an enemy who is also far away, he can’t see us. There’s even an office scene in one episode that’s deplorable. Enemies are supposedly hiding behind Short office walls. But it’s all visible. And even when you kill one of them with a gun, you can’t hear the sound and look. Unfortunately, errors in artificial intelligence significantly reduce the score of the game.

When we come to their music, we see that they are very successful. Tense music changes in moments of action and becomes more brisk. Even at some moments when you need to hide, thanks to the music, you understand that you have been seen by the enemy. Because they just change. There are puzzles in the game that will not be considered difficult. So to open a door, you have to find someone’s card. If you waste a lot of time in situations like this, it’s always the same music that gets pretty boring after a while. They change again when you cross the section or enter a different environment. It’s pretty boring that it repeats itself in places where you hang out alone. Second Sight’s sound effects are not very successful, and the gunshots are a little muffled. That’s why they’re not very convincing. Also, where you pass by holding hands, every time you throw your hand, it sounds irrelevant, as if you are dripping water on a metal plate.

In General, Second Sight is a game that can be played despite its mistakes. Although it can’t go beyond an ordinary action game when we go back to the past, the tactical elements added to the game in the present tense get a little bit of construction back. If 3. if you like action games played from a person’s point of view, it is useful to try. But if you’re not a regular of the species, you don’t lose much. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…

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