Scooter War3z Review

Scooter War3z

Scooter War3z is a racing game or so you think. Instead of the letter “e” in his name, he made charisma with the number 3, we call it halal. Do you know PizzaDude? If you don’t know, you don’t have to keep it that way. PizzaDude was a botched 95 MB production that tried to deliver pizzas. That’s what my uncles got together and said, let’s do a Scooter race. Maps are the same as this Dude except for the building and a few track details. Actually scooters can be considered a mod. I’m correcting it doesn’t even count, directly mod. Modeling, changing environment and logic, makes itself look like a racing game.

I don’t see the need to explain the graphics of the game, screenshots are already enough. Bad is really bad, obviously only a little, but very few scooters and modeling can be considered above mediocre. Actually, you have to think about how bad is considered good. If you enter the game’s site, you can find compliments such as lighting effects, excellent textures. I’m just laughing at it. Sounds are already from the time of the Amiga, straight to the midi. It’s like an engine or something, actually, it doesn’t exist.

The only good side of our game can be considered a little physics modeling. It could also be that the character jumped forward 100 meters when he crashed, etc… there is such a herpes system (see Flatout). You have the ability to knock them down by hitting advertising panels or something like that.

Scooter War3z  – Disaster over

In Single player, you choose different engines and compete. As you win, other trails open, but it doesn’t matter much, since the map is always the same. Thanks to the fact that Multiplayer is also not missing, even the game has its own servers, but no one is playing.

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Besides, there is only the logic of going straight in the game. If you’re thinking of turning right or left, don’t try, you’re sliding 180 degrees. You don’t have much of a chance to win because you usually always go by accident. If you’re tired of racing, there’s also the feature of walking around the city freely. Oh, what a great feature, this mode can also be flat roads. Here you can accelerate and see the real power of the scooter. But go on a straight path, and don’t deviate from right to left. In a game with terrible controls, there is a nitro feature. I don’t even want to think about our engine, which we can’t normally use, in your Nitro state.

In short, Team 6 has come across one of the usual deer games. In fact, let’s call it a clone of Pizzadude, not a game, it has another brother called Super Taxi Driver. He also has a map, environment, etc… same, you just drive a taxi instead of a Scooter. 170 MB is what you would expect from a game anyway.



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