SBK Superbike World Championship Review

SBK Superbike World Championship

Motorcycle racing is an adventure in which the speed and action in Formula 1 is quadrupled by two-wheeled vehicles. Perhaps the most reasonable environment in which this danger, speed and adrenaline can be experienced is video games. We can play games was released by Italian developer Milestone first World Superbike, Xbox 360 and PC versions after the PSP platform has emerged.

The World Superbike has engines that you can see on the market. However, the engines are used by modifying parts such as the engine, chassis, brake. In this way, monsters that can speed 320 km per hour appear. The game comes with fourteen teams, engines and drivers. Eleven detailed officially licensed tracks are waiting for you to compete. The tracks include race tracks such as Britain’s Brands Hatch and Silverstone, Holland’s Assen, Italy’s Monza and Misano. All these tracks will be remembered with ease by strict motor racing followers. The PSP version of the production appears to be largely ported from the PS2, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Because it seems that the transfer between consoles is performed very well.

Head Start

In the PSP version of the production, the number of racers is slightly trimmed. The number of bikers competing at the same time on the tracks is determined to be a maximum of fourteen. Reduced compared to the PS2, this figure does not stand out on the PSP and probably sounds enough due to the small screen. The game features modes such as Quick Race, Race Weekend, Championship, Scenario Challenges, WLAN Multiplayer. All modes also offer realistic engine driving. Even at the easiest difficulty level, Basic Rules and behaviors such as early braking, line tracking, sliding on grass were not compromised. Therefore, it is worth noting that the controls are not easy. But increasing the difficulty level does not mean less handling on the track. Because if we increase the difficulty level, we are faced with Real World Superbike rules. As such, realism comes to the fore much more, whether you want it or not. Although it takes some time, it gives more pleasure to play in a realistic environment, increasing the difficulty level after the experience gained as you play. Of course, not without addressing the engines, which are the most important parts of this pleasure. It features popular engines such as Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and is offered with two different engine and exhaust sound options.

Dozens of races and unlockable events collected under different game modes allow you to tour the tracks for a long time. In case you get tired of them, up to three people have been offered multiplayer support over Wireless. As a result of successful races, bonus videos, pictures and Umbrella Girls (!) you are rewarded with. From a graphics point of view, sharper images are seen than the PS2, resulting from the small screen. Biker and engine modeling and animation were also very successful. In terms of sounds, especially differences between engines are obvious; but it is also a fact that they start ironing heads after a while because they are not of high quality. Based on my own experience, I believe that the engine turns are a little inadequate. Because even with 50km, it is possible to lie on the grass when cornering. However, it is also obvious that a little skill is required.

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