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If a crime is committed in a society, the effective mechanisms of the state come into play and the criminals are punished. In some cases, criminals find a way and manage to escape the clutches of Justice. Evidence is changed, bribes are given, or perjury is found, and the course of the case changes. But there’s one thing they don’t count on, it’s “saw.” These criminals who mislead justice must face Jigsaw. The chainsaw punishes this deficit of justice in society in its own way. Dozens of criminals face the deadly traps he has prepared. Criminals have to follow the rules and act together. Their patience and instinct for life are triggered to the end by Jigsaw.

Saw (Saw), which was released in 2004, is based on this fiction. When the idea that the film would be made, the general lines were more or less predictable. TPS camera angle, dozens of traps and effective soundtracks. The film’s screenwriters also wrote the game script. Obviously, I admired the script of the film, so I was looking forward to the play.

Detective Tapp and the Saw

A simple menu system appears when you open the construction. The game features two difficulty levels. Let me point out right away, even at the normal difficulty level, some puzzles are the kind that will pull the head out of the hair. We begin our adventure with the laughter of Jigsaw’s famous puppet. Detective Tapp, who worked hard to catch saw in the first film, fell victim to a trap set by Jigsaw. His badge was also taken from him. This time, he falls into his net and opens his eyes in the toilet of an abandoned mental hospital. The script is set between the first and second film.

As you can imagine, the famous puppet appears on TV and begins to give his instructions. Our detective shows up tied to a chair with a metal trap on his head. Because the game’s story remains true to movie scenarios, those who watch Saw Films will easily adapt. Again, instant flashbacks are often made to the past to reinforce the mood of the movie in the making. Even some characters on the white screen are in the game. Amanda’s one of them. Dozens of victims like us imprisoned in a mental hospital are in the game. These people are attacking us because of the psychology they are in, and we need to engage in close combat with them.

Saw is played with a TPS camera, and our mouse has taken on important tasks in the controls. We can solve most puzzles with a single mouse. Also, when we pass over narrow planks, we need to move the mouse in a balanced way. Those who play Silent Hill will easily get used to saw’s structure. In the game, the attacks that we will do in close combat occur quite slowly, and we start taking blows before we hit. Fortunately, we don’t have to fight these people one-on-one. There are dozens of traps around, and we can turn saw’s traps in our favor. And look carefully at the cracked walls. Because we’ll be able to break through these walls and get to the other rooms.

Danger itself

There are dozens of objects in the construction that we can use as weapons. Baseball bat, scissors, crowbar, metal pipe, hand axe and pistol are some of them. Only we can have one of them with us, and most objects break. By the end of the game, our detective will be barefoot. You need to be careful when walking in places. There are shards of glass on the floor and it reduces your health bar.We have to open some doors in the game with monkey tricks and solve mini-puzzles. For some lockers, we have to have small wheels with us. As a person waits for all this work to pay off, we are given medical syringes, pistols, knives, tension wires necessary for traps, and shotgun bullets. Sometimes we also sort small wheels according to their size and open boxes or cabinets. You’ll encounter them often. Again, we can find thinner, ammonium, battery (Fuse) around and use it in Jigsaw’s assemblies.

We improve our health with syringes and bandages that we will find around. Even by drinking water, we can restore health. There’s no inventory system in the production, and what’s on us is shown on the screen. When the atmosphere is mostly dark and dim, we use lighters and lamps to provide lighting. There is also a camera, but no job of taking pictures. You can use your Flash to illuminate, but I have to say it’s not enough.

Find it if you can find it

The keys are of great importance in saw. Jigsaw usually put them in toilets full of syringes, corpses, and acid canisters. When Tapp puts his hand inside to pick them up, the Painmeter appears on the screen. When a person’s hand enters an acid canister, how that hand becomes old is another matter. All you have to do is place Tapp’s hand on it and press the “1” button when you see the key. Some keys are also found in hidden places and in Jigsaw’s boxes.

Let’s address the puzzles that are the basis of our game. They’re so brilliantly designed, it gives you pleasure to solve it. You have to think within a certain logic and look around carefully. Of course, the notes and audio recordings that we will find around the solutions also matter. In addition, there are puzzles that repeat themselves and become quite difficult. For example, Jigsaw wants us to put the circuits on the electrical panels in the correct order and complete the current. In small and medium-sized boards, we are relatively able to do this. It’s hard when we come across oversized boards, and there’s a time. This is the most annoying part of the game. The number of such puzzles is not small.

Music runs in parallel with film music and is one of the biggest advantages of production. Sometimes moving, sometimes heavy rhythms make us trapped in the game. On top of that, let’s add the quality of Konami’s space designs. Dark spaces that make a person Shudder have been described quite successfully. Unreal 3 Engine, used in most games, was also preferred in Saw. Some places in character coverings catch our eye. Not enough attention has been paid, especially to female characters. Other light and explosion effects don’t look bad either.

Final division

In the Agatha Christie novels, the killer is not clear until the last minute. He shows you the right and sends the ball gently into the left corner. Saw films are also open to all kinds of surprises. Question marks will hang around in your head until you get to the end of the game and you will wonder about the end. Like the end of Assassin’s Creed, there was an opening left in Saw. This, in turn, catches our eye as the biggest sign that the sequel will be made. System requirements for your computers are also not kept high. You can download and play with peace of mind.

It’s up to you to end the game by following the rules with your instinct to live. Apart from the missing points in the production, it deserves to be played with both its atmosphere and music and script. For movie fanatics and those who like the horror genre, it’s an unmissable product. Jigsaw will always be on guard to hunt criminals who have escaped justice. If your life is important, let’s get you into the game if you have enough patience and courage, or “game over,”as in Saw at the end of the first movie.

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