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Microsoft is at it yet again, selling the world’s best foldable smartphone (so far) at a lower than ever price in a US unlocked variant just a little over a week after holding some of the greatest deals to date on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7, and S21 Ultra.

Exactly like those very special offers, this hot new promotion is available exclusively through the aforementioned company’s official eBay outlet store in a “limited” quantity. Furthermore, you’ll have to opt for a decidedly eye-catching Bronze flavor of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G if you want to shave $500+ off the versatile handset’s $1,999.99 list price.
Namely, if you hurry, you can spend as little as $1,489 for the Snapdragon 865 powerhouse with 256 gigs of internal storage space and a 12GB RAM count in tow, as well as a stunning main 7.6-inch foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with 120Hz refresh rate support and a 6.23-inch Super AMOLED cover display that’s also far from a pushover.
The arguably more boring-looking black model, mind you, is on sale at a comparatively modest $200 markdown at the time of this writing on eBay, fetching the same $1,799.99 that Samsung currently charges on its own official US e-store. In fact, the device manufacturer permanently reduced the $1,999.99 regular price by a couple of Benjamins a little while ago, so that doesn’t even qualify as a deal anymore.
At less than $1,500, however, it’s hard to argue with the appeal of this surprisingly polished sequel to the deeply flawed original Galaxy Fold from 2019. Commercially released less than a year ago, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is probably not the best phone money can buy in 2021, but it’s certainly a device like no other… at least until the undoubtedly costlier Z Fold 3 sees daylight.

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