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Ever since we found out that Prime Day 2021 is arriving early in June, we’ve made it our official duty to prepare you as best we can. We want to make sure you make the most out of an epic shopping spree, and won’t miss out on any of the deals that are sure to hit the website that special weekend.
What’s not to love about Prime Day? On what’s become nearly a national holiday, year to year, we see deals and discounts to rival Black Friday—and you can easily save hundreds of dollars on tech and accessories as long as you do it right. (We suggest you follow these 5 key shopping tips for the best experience!) 
Well, we’ve gathered what information we could from last year’s sales so that you can know just what to expect when the big day comes. In this case, it will be regarding the fairly new Galaxy S21, which was released precisely four months ago.

…But wait! Before you do anything else, do this!

Before we continue, we want to make sure you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. If you want to enjoy any of Amazon’s Prime Day deals, you need to have an active subscription. 
Students get 6 months for free, after which they can continue to enjoy Amazon Prime’s many membership benefits at 50% off. For the rest of us folks, the free trial lasts 30 days, and regular membership costs $12.99 per month or $119 per year. 
You can actually share your Amazon account without breaking any rules as well! Of course, if you have a student in the household, you could always get them to help you out… (You didn’t hear it from us!)

What deals to expect from Amazon Prime on Samsung Galaxy S21

It isn’t often we see mind-boggling rebates on Samsung flagships at Amazon. Most Americans these days are buying their phones directly from carriers, with a plan attached, so those tend to see some of the bigger discounts. However, Prime Day can be an exception.

Other Galaxy deals seemed to hover around the 20% mark, which may not be much to write home about. That goes to say that while it’s rare, you can certainly get a pretty sweet Prime Day deal if you’re lucky and catch it on time. The great thing about Amazon smartphone discounts is that they come with no strings attached. You buy it upfront, and it’s all yours with no commitments.

We don’t want to insist that you wait all the way to Prime Day if you’re looking to upgrade sooner than later. Rather, if you see an incredible deal that really calls to you elsewhere or before the big day, you may want to go for it. And if we can help you find it through our regularly updated best deal picks, we consider it a success!

(By the way, Amazon isn’t the only place drawing crowds on Prime Day. Other large stores cannot bear to lose out on the fun and sales, and have been organizing their own annual blowout sales on the same weekend. Last year, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and others gave Amazon Prime a run for its money with similar rebates.)

Best Deals on the Galaxy S21 Right Now

While we wait to find out if Amazon will surprise us with a flash sale on the latest Galaxy flagships, we want to keep you in the loop with all the best deals on the market that are out right now. That includes all the American carriers and retailers, and deals from the Samsung website as well.

You may want to keep an eye on this page and come back, as we’ll keep updating it with the newest and grandest discounts. 

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at Verizon

With similar deals all over the place, we hardly knew where to start. A coin toss settled it on Verizon—where you can currently get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for literally free (yes, you heard that right!) as long as you have an eligible trade-in and opt for an Unlimited Verizon plan. That is, you can save up to $800 with trade-in right now.
You can use this link to go to Verizon and check if your phone is on the trade-in list by clicking “See Details” in small text under the bolded offer. In the pop-up, you will find a drop-down menu listing all eligible phones. They accept most brands, not just Samsung. (You’re welcome!)

Apart from that, a purchase of a new phone worth $699.99 or more on a new line, and on an Unlimited plan, also grants you up to a $300 free pre-paid Mastercard (as well as free Verizon Stream TV). And guess what—the two deals are stackable for up to $1100 in savings! That’s not even counting the free TV (Don’t worry, we’ve read all the small text for you).

If you’ve got your sights set on a slightly higher-tier model, the Galaxy S21+ can be had at an up to $800 discount with the same trade-in offer mentioned above. Same goes for the Galaxy S21 Ultra powerhouse, which can be snagged for as little as $399.99 if you meet the trade-in requirements. (You still need to get the new phone with an Unlimited plan to be eligible.)
The Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21+ actually have a Buy One, Get One $1000 off deal as well. (Father’s day is coming up on June 20, wink wink!)

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at Samsung

Samsung’s own discounts on the S21 are also all trade-in deals, though slightly different. On each tier from the Galaxy S21 series, you can get up to $700 off retail price with—you guessed it—an eligible phone to turn in. While $700 sounds lower than the $800 discount carriers are pushing, it does come fully unlocked, with no caveats such as unlimited plan requirements. 

You still have the option of getting any of the S21 models on an installment plan for Samsung, if you’d rather not pay upfront.  

For the “basic” Galaxy S21 (though it’s anything but), regular financing is $33.34 for 24 months, but with the maximal offer applied, that can potentially go down to $2.09/mo. Even if your screen is cracked, Samsung offers up to $450 in trade-in value. If you aren’t opting to turn in your phone, Samsung promises up to $200 store credit towards accessories.

There’s also a $50 discount off retail price on the entire S21 line at the moment, if you choose carrier financing—which is stackable with the (up to) $700 instant credit offer.

Best Galaxy S21 Deals at Best Buy 

Best Buy’s current deals are plain and simple, no strings attached. And it’s our lucky day, because they’re hitting us with a $150-$250 discounts running on ALL unlocked S21 models and storage variants. Unlike Samsung’s deal, you don’t need to choose an installment plan to benefit from it; you simply need to activate it on the day of purchase.

That’s about it for the best deals on the Galaxy S21 at the moment. Target and Walmart didn’t make the list as they’re currently selling for above retail price.

This article is constantly being updated, so you’ll stay in the loop of what’s available and won’t miss out on any deals. We’ll keep this up all the way until Prime Day, and we’ll see what Amazon puts on the table then. Like mentioned previously, we doubt it’ll be much to rival the other deals cropping up every now and then—but we’ll keep you informed.

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