Sam & Max Episode 4 Review

sam & max episode 4

Honestly, I didn’t know Sam and Max much before. I even had the opportunity to discover and play his previous games later. I’ll admit it, it’s late for me to meet Sam and Max. But just because I met them late doesn’t mean I don’t like them or they don’t entertain me. I was chasing his face and different games, and then I got my hands on this cute funny duo. It’s not just Sam and Max, it’s what Lucas art had in his time. Actually, Lucas Art had a golden era for a while.Dec. The games that came are really great, and at this time there were many classics in the adventure genre. After these achievements, we have not seen many such games. Although at that time, I didn’t even touch Lucas Art’s other games, including Sam and Max. I met a lot of them later. I liked the adventures of the crazy duo, but my research revealed that the game was shelved when it was re-made. Of course, you want a game that you meet late and love and are looking for a sequel. I wanted to, too, but in the end, Telltale Games came to my aid. I’m glad he caught up, and I really wanted his new games when I got a taste of Sam and Max.

Series Fury

There is a current that is fashionable in recent games; publication as episodes. First, I personally got to know this chain of caravans with Sin episodes. Even in Sin, the game ended in the most beautiful place, I waited for the second part, but there is no more. Going on, Sam and Max are also keeping up with the fashion of doing this part by part. One, two, three, we finally got to Chapter Four.

The fourth episode was titled “Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die”. Again, it was a fairly and funny episode, which is already evident from the script. The American president goes crazy and starts making laws all the time. In the face of these laws, which are quite strange, of course, most people remain victims. By prohibitions, etc., Our detectives are working to solve this situation. So begins a new adventure for Sam and Max.

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Comedy atmosphere

From the first few minutes, the production is obvious. But some firsts have shown themselves in the game. At the beginning of these, a linear road situation is no longer observed as before. In puzzles, we can no longer follow a certain order as before. It appears as a new feature for this series when older episodes are considered. So there is no specific order. Puzzles are actually like previous episodes in general. If you’ve played previous episodes, even if you’re a good adventure player, puzzles can be easy in some ways. In general, it’s about using something you get last in puzzles, something else that takes place immediately after. Anyway, you’ll get logic right away. When you say where it works, the next target, etc., you solve the mechanics of puzzles.

According to the puzzles, it is shaped by the progress in the game. Again, we have a different beginning to the previous episodes. If you remember, we always started the game in our office. But this time we’re in the White House instead, and we start the game here. Considering the rote office start structure in these previous episodes, it was a very colorful feature. But the constant commuting to and from the office in the game, as I just noted, is the biggest impact of puzzles in this regard. According to the way the puzzles work, we travel from there to here. Although this situation was pulled at first, after a while it personally squeezed me a little. In fact, more changes can be made to this operation. Actually, if I look at the fourth game, it was quite innovative among the other episodes.

No compromise on quality

In general, the graphics are the same. In fact, it’s pretty nice for such an adventure game. I didn’t see any difference with the previous episodes. There are images that are successful in drawing the atmosphere, which is funny. Already the cartoon air of the game is beautifully reflected on the screen. Our lead characters, Sam and Max, are more prominent in the lead role than the others. Personally, I found it more successful than other models.

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The producers did a good job with the sound again. In previous episodes, I’d end up with the most vocalizations and those funny dialogues. Again, they all go full throttle. You can get into a laughing crisis with subtle jokes. I’m not talking about voice-overs in any way. Quality and fluently. Actually, if I look at Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must die from a technical point of view, it doesn’t have any advantages with previous games. It keeps the same quality and continues beautifully.

A different Sam and Max with innovations

Overall, the last episode of Sam and Max was great. The comedy script, dialogues and graphics are successful. Even a couple of innovations gave the game more air. In fact, based on these innovations, it seems that we may see other changes in the game in other episodes. If you like this crazy duo like me, you’ll like it. Enjoy the game.

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