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After I played Sid Meier’s Pirates, I was curious about naval war simulations. In fact, not every naval battle was like Pirates, because Pirates had a lot of plus items and a lot of fun. In addition to fighting ships, there was even contact with all the towns and cities and even pick up the Daughters of the elders. It was a production that was very colorful in every aspect and we could discover more as we played. Frankly, I created the concept of naval combat simulation, Pirates, and I wanted every game of the same genre to be that way. Because when we looked at it from a technical point of view, as a Marine Simulation, we could face construction with more realistic and complex elements. Salvo! it’s one of those games that tries to put itself in that category, if not as much as the others, but obviously it’s not very successful in that regard, even if it stays out, in our opinion, it’s better.

What is this smoke!

Before you know it, you can find yourself directly in the game. The overall goal is quite simple, but it is so difficult to implement. Advance along the campaigns with our ships or ships, sink the pirate ships that we encounter one by one, or pass them under our own protection. Another goal is to control all pirate flags on the map. Other than that, there’s not much that can be done. After talking about such few elements, obviously a person is really waiting for a game that tastes like a simulation, but Salvo! it frustrates us about it, because no movement gives us pleasure.

There are no menus lined up. In the main part, we can enter the game directly if we want, and we can also enter the Settings section to make some settings. Here, we can adjust the settings of the units on the screen, such as smoke, fog, persistence of messages. I didn’t make too many changes here and I wanted to see the game right away. After pressing the Play button, we come across the part where we can select a task. I started from the beginning without too much contraction. And the game screen that came in front of me took me away from me, and at first I was surprised and panicked about what to do.

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Salvo, which we control from an angle that we can call a third-party camera!we also perform all kinds of operations with our mouse. In our Turn-based strategy game, we click on it to move it to our ship, and then fill out our right to move using the arrows that appear. We can move the screen forward, backward, right or left. For this, it is enough to bring the mouse to the edges of the screen. The reason I was surprised at first is because of the fog effect, which I never touched, but which dumbed me down. As if a few people were smoking in an invisible part of the screen, the screen was under smoke. The fog effect shouldn’t have been so bad in this type of Game. OK, the fog event may prevent us from seeing in front of us, but graphically it shouldn’t have been projected so badly on the screen. In addition, we also encounter bad animations when we allow our ship to move to spend our turn. Our ship makes a strange move and completes its turn.

Wait your turn

In order to spend our turn, we process our ships, we can move them. By clicking on our ships, we have access to statistics such as crew, weapons, damage and so on. Fortunately, one of the important pros is that we don’t drown in menus. There are a few buttons in the upper left corner of the screen, and with their help, we can perform small operations. One of the important elements here is our compass. Thanks to this, we can choose the direction in which we are going, and we can also adjust ourselves against the wind. Apart from the fog on the game screen, there are enemy ships and small pieces of land that will appear decisively from time to time. In fact, the producers tried to transfer the structure of real seas to the game, which also exists in real life, but I don’t think it was very successful and it looks dry.

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The most important of the features that can be considered a plus is the event of war. According to the maneuver and load status of the ships, their agility is quite effective. In addition, if the wind blows from the opposite direction, the control of the ship in such cases becomes difficult. The fact that these realism are not forgotten, at least, can give us some breathing space. After providing the required range and target, our weapons are automatically fired by artificial intelligence. This is a well-thought out event. Also, Pirates!as you can remember, when ships get too close to each other, the option of boarding the ship becomes active, and in the name of capturing the ship, our crew tries to land and capture the enemy ship. Our ships have different types and numbers of weapons that can be used, which can vary from ship to ship.

I think you don’t leave the port

And the sounds are really a handicap. First, the sound that comes out when we choose our ship can become annoying after a while. In general, there are no sounds that add something to the game. Salvo! it’s nothing more than a vicious naval battle simulation. Even if you love this genre, the things you can do are very limited, and the constant absence of something new can give you the impression that you are wasting your time after a while. Obviously, Pirates!after seeing, Salvo!I don’t think there’s much need to go next to it.

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