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saints row

I’m not really into the GTA series. I play, but I don’t spend three or four hours at the beginning. But I also know that the game is super. It’s a feeling of freedom, a huge city and tons of tasks to do; every project can’t give them away. It has already been the GTA that created this theory. Jump in the car, step on the gas, get out of the car, whether you’re on duty, go swim, go rest there, rob a bank, drive a taxi, etc… tons of features that won’t end with counting. Well, in the end, there will be imitations of such a great game, whether you want to or not. Some succeed, some can’t. But it’s not bad to be inspired by Gta and come up with a good result. After all, it’s definitely good to sample a classic. But bad imitation is bad.

Saint’s Row

Among the most enjoyable productions I’ve ever played on the x360 platform, Saint’s Row also participated. Our production took the GTA and got in front of us by mixing it up a little more. All we have to do is get from the bottom to the top. Yeah, our main boy briefly joins a gang and rises and rises.

Saint’s Row; gameplay, atmosphere, features, etc. But just because it looks like GTA doesn’t mean it’s bad. He certainly made a very good pass to himself, and even improved it by putting extras in some additions. Our only goal is to do the tasks given to us in the game and succeed. Every human being who has played GTA will certainly not be forced into the duties of Saint’s row. What we have to do is close, even the tasks of Saint’s row can be considered easier. Those with GTA experience can easily dive into the environment after a few warm-up rounds and getting to know the environment.

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The graphics of the production are quite good. Dynamic lighting did a really good job. In addition, the coatings and textures are also good. The modeling has been done adequately. The game uses x360 well and brings images to us. In addition, there is a separate extra Havok in the production. In short, the physicalization process was successful. Saint’s Row is as good at sounds as it is at graphics. Plays on radio stations, speeches, vocalizations, effects; enchants the player.

For me, the most crucial point of the game is the multiplayer part. Thanks to x360’s Live support, Saint’s Row becomes super Multiplayer. It’s seriously fun to do Deathmatch or gang up and dive into it. Actually, the best part of the production lies here. As soon as you finish the Single player, you can continue in the multiplayer. Even sometimes it’s even more fun to drop the one-man scenario and throw yourself into multiple environments. You can break up missions with other players and enter attractions such as robbing a bank, attacking a place, and street clashes.

Introduction development conclusion

Saint’s Row is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful games I’ve played lately. Although it has some minor mistakes, it’s a huge city, a fun atmosphere, and its multiplayer shuts everything down. Single Player certainly doesn’t squeeze, but multiplayer mode is more fun to me. While mods for Multi are made in GTA, Saint’s Row has this feature directly. Easy controls, sounds and graphics are also much better than many productions on the market. Plenty of vehicles, weapons and enemies await you in Saint’s Row. If you have an X360 in your hand, I would definitely say don’t miss this beautiful game and play it.


Beautiful graphics, sounds, easy controls, Multiplayer

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