Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion Review

Rome: Total War-Barbarian Invasion

In the first game, that is, in the Shogun, we fought to become emperor of Japan; with the “additional package” that followed, we resisted the Mongols. Then came Europe and the Crusades with Medieval. We played both Christian and Muslim sides…

It was announced that Rome was coming out we were excited, we saw the screenshots, we saw the video, we loved it! Finally, the game came out and gave what was really expected. Some said he couldn’t taste medieval, but it was a game that changed my life and pushed me into a thoroughly nerdy Rome: Total War. It was one of the best games I’ve ever played!

… then an additional package was made to medieval. This time the Raider race was the Vikings. We played with the Vikings, but we once saw screenshots of Rome:TW; we didn’t necessarily pin Rome. Finally, the expectation ended, and together with” Rome ” we dominated Europe for the first time. We crushed the Barbarians, or we took Rome with the Barbarians. As soon as the game came out, it was considered certain that an additional package would be made.

As a matter of fact, it was done, and this time there was no additional package that remained deflated next to the main game. On the contrary, it increases your desire to play, and this time there are Turks in the game!

Laws Shut Up In War – Cicero

Rome: assuming you’ve read the TW review, I’ll talk about the innovations, cons and pros in the supplement package. 300 years after Jesus. In other words, the periods when the Roman Empire was divided into two parts as a result of barbarian incursions and tried to resist the Barbarians as 2 separate states. The territory of East and West Rome is still quite large, but there is unrest in many cities, and because they are economically powerless, they cannot keep up with their armies everywhere. A small state next to Rome, the Germans(Alemanni) or the French(Franks) are able to enter the almost defenseless territory of Rome and expand their territory.

It’s really hard to play the game on the side of the Romans. Especially Western Rome is in a very difficult situation. If eastern Rome retreats to Anatolia and stops the Sassanids(Sasanids) from the East, it has a chance to go somewhere again. But when you start playing with Eastern Rome, and your cities in Spain and Africa raise the flags of rebellion one by one, and many races in Europe attack you, you don’t have much of a chance to defend yourself. Especially if the Huns come with their Horsemen…

So the “superiority of the Romans” in Rome:TW has been reversed this time. Again, they have quite strong units, but because they have no economy and are vulnerable to the mounted archers of the Huns, defeat is inevitable, even if they are outnumbered in battles. In such cases, you should avoid square battles and hide in cities and especially stone walls.

Another difference of the additional package from the main game is that there are no videos shown when starting the game. If you remember, most races had their own video. Also, if your general’s features are enough, “Night Wars” has also been added to the game. If you use fire arrows in night battles, you will see that they light up the environment.

We Fight To Live In Peace – Aristotle

If you select the Huns and start the game, you will see that the player directs the migration of tribes at some point. In other words, by directing the 8-9 Hun army wherever you want and destroying the cities that stand in front of you during this time, you go to the cities that are your goal. In the first city you captured, an army is disappearing. That’s because of the people who settled there, of course. After the first conquest, you leave your migrant state and move towards becoming a “state”. Of course, in the cities you have captured, your armies do not disappear, so you go back to the old system. In this nomadic time, you have no material income, and you do not have material expenses. But if you capture and loot cities (sack) your treasure multiplies, even if you commit genocide and crimes against humanity, it’s just a game. Have you forgotten?

Sons In Peace Bury Their Fathers, Fathers In War Bury Their Sons – Heredotus

All units have been completely renovated. Although it resembles the Old, its modeling and features were made from the beginning and were relatively more balanced. But still, it is very difficult to stop the mounted archers. Like the horse archers of the Scythians in the first game, they turn around and throw their arrows, both fairly quickly and even when running away. You lose a lot of your men until you pin down and destroy these units, and woe to you, especially if you don’t have Horsemen!

After Jesus, Europe is divided in terms of religion; christianity(christianity) and paganism(polytheism). If you don’t want Christianity to spread, you can build temples in the old game. The official religion of the cities appears in the details of the city.

Creative Assembly Rome: Total War’u very cleverly developed and presented in front of us. Rome: if you like TW, but are now bored, they have made an additional package of quality enough to allow you to cling to the game again. It was the week that my exams began, while I was lingering with modes such as Total Realism, Barbarian Invasion! Attention can destroy your social life and lower your course grades.

Finally, “we must provide what we will need in war, in peace!”- Publilius Syrus


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