Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 Review

Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

People who read my articles know I’m not very good at Tycoon-style games. After the last time I was involved with Beach Life, Of course, I didn’t stop waiting for RollerCoaster 2. After all, it’s one of those rare tycoon games I can play and enjoy. The feature that impressed me most when the RollerCoaster first came out was that although it contained many settings and details, I could easily do everything as its menus were prepared. In general, those who want to play such games and are bored, the common problem is playability. Some of them study and play every detail of the game without getting bored, while the majority of them want simpler but more detailed menus. The RollerCoaster was a game that did it really well. As things stand, most people put RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 on hold.

If he’s eating, get on that Coaster…

The first thing you notice when you enter the game is that nothing has changed. Actually, I was waiting for the menus to change. But he didn’t touch anything. Like in the old days. Anyway. And when you start building the Park, the surprises gradually begin. As it is known, before that, there were additional mission packages for the RollerCoaster. But it’s the first time I’ve seen so many tools that can be installed in a game. As outlined, there are 5 modes that you can play when you start the game. And they are divided among themselves. Based on their size and difficulty levels. On average, there are 5 maps. So there are 25 playable maps in total. Logic and demands are the same as the previous game. Having a particular customer in the park at a certain time is like taking the park to a certain level. Not much change in the maps. And there’s no change in what you can use. As before, you can bulldoze roads, remove trees.

Collecting coins falling from upside-down machines

In RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, it’s really overrated. When you enter the Coaster menu, there are 4-7 options depending on the section you play. When you click on these options, it turns out that the Coaster can be made from 2-20 is really an exaggeration figure. I think it would be complete if I said that you can design each machine yourself, not from the list. It’s not just the Coasters, it’s the other tools. There are dozens of machines you can make. Already in the first episodes, it is impossible to do them because the space is not enough for you. As you progress, you can make the park incredibly large and magnificent. The most important thing for a park, of course, is the customers. As soon as you open the park, you are attacked by customers. Something happened here that caught my attention. In the old Game, customers badly needed side shops, such as buying food, drinks, hats, balloons, as well as entertainment. In fact, it was possible to get a lot of money out of these stores. For some reason, I didn’t come across this incident here. No Side shop I set up did a decent job and fell into the cons. There’s really something wrong with the customers. Not only about this, but also other machines that you will install, other than coasters, they don’t deign much. Next to the vehicles, there are also trees, ornaments, flowers, statues that will make the environment look beautiful. And there’s never been a reduction in that. There are so many things you don’t want when you go on menus.

Tearing using the head

In the old game, there was an event that I used purely for fun. First, I would install the machine so that it would not work until it was full, reduce the prices and fill it up in a short time. Then I’d connect the exit to the entrance, start the tools and blow the price. Naturally, customers who left would go directly to the entrance because there was nowhere else to go, and because there was no other way to go again, they would go in without looking at their money. So I could make money on the shortcut. Before the game came out, I thought they had found a definite cure for this kind of event, but I saw that they didn’t find it or didn’t want to find it. This event is also true in RollerCoaster 2, and it works perfectly. The game is the same as the graphics and sound. There is no difference. 2D graphics like before, but it’s fine. There are changes in the music. For example, you can play different types of music for each instrument. For a very large Coaster, it’s fun to play terrible music. Or it’s nice to play Rock-style music on bumper cars.

Final Words:

I’ve been waiting for this game to come out for a long time, but it was a little disappointing. I didn’t see much difference from the additional packages that came out earlier. It’s interesting to add euros to the coins you can use. There are dozens of machines, shops that you can build. Other than that, the game couldn’t put me back on top. Despite these, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 is a very good game in its own way. It can even be a very good start for players who have not played such games before.

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