Rock Band 2 Review

rock band 2

It all started with a little music that we made ourselves in the living room of our house. And we saw people who came to the concert at the bar where we hung out whenever we could. People were crazy about them. It was obvious that they enjoyed their work very much. Their musical style was also not very unfamiliar to us, we played in almost the same style. And our big and long adventure began by performing in the same bar. Now we are a very famous rock band. We have thousands of listeners, people who are crazy about our concerts, competitors who think they can play songs better than us, and thousands of dollars of money. Oh, and life could be a lot sweeter if it wasn’t always just on Xbox Live.

The band continues to make music where it left off…

The Rock Band managed to make a lot of mention of itself, especially with its online modes. For the first time, players with a guitar, microphone, and drums joined together and started giving virtual concerts and managed to create a serious furya. Before the effects of the game passed, the producers released Rock Band 2, which will most likely become a serial.

Rock Band 2, in general, looks like a FIFA series that once came to the market with little makeup.Dec. The only difference between them is that someone’s Foundation is very well laid. In our new game, we are offered 84 brand new songs. As if this is not enough, you can add songs from the first game and other packages that you receive with money to your list. Not to mention a list of 20 free-to-download songs that were announced to be released by the end of the year. The producers have really exaggerated this work and offer an incredible fan. Of course, the most vital part of the game is the World Tour mode. With the instrument in your hand, you create your band and character and start. First, you earn a fan base and money by going out in simple venues. Thus, both your repertoire expands and new scenes that you can exit begin to open. By the way, let me tell you that the game unfortunately does not support normal control again. To play, you have to have one of the instruments. Unlike the rival Guitar Hero, The Rock Band maintained its attitude in the first game and stood behind its decision.

Being a Rock star

The most pleasant innovation is that you can now give concerts. You can create a list in a row and give concerts. If you play songs successfully, you earn a lot more money and fans than usual. In addition, concerts were added as a competition. These concerts, in which you complete to play songs belonging to this place against your will, open and you can play. It was a very subtle beauty, especially for you to choose the parts you will play. Another add-on is the online mode called Battle of the Bands. In this mode, you give concerts in venues with your band. He’s giving the same concert behind you in another band. So you start competing with the whole world. The morning after the night you do your job and score the highest, you can see that someone is better than you.

Visually, Rock Band 2 maintained the same layout. He didn’t make any visible changes. The scenes and the audience change as they progress. You give concerts in very interesting designed places. Minor additions were made to the character creation screen. In particular, you can make your type a little more detailed.


Rock Band was already a game that did its part almost completely. Both the innovations it brought to consoles and the new experiences it gave to players were quite successful. It was again a successful production with little features added and 84 brand new songs. Rock Band 2 is definitely the best of its kind until a different game with serious innovations comes along.

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