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rise of nations

It was an early time when computer games had just infiltrated our lives. Us we were little kids. And these new toys were so much fun. After a while, every game that fell on the market began to be eaten like bread, drinking like water. Ee, of course, eloglu awake, companies that have noticed this “game consumption” potential in us have gradually started to produce more different, new types of games. As this goes on, one day a man named Sid Meier, excuse me, but the rumor is that while he was in the toilet, a light bulb burned in his mind, and he immediately went into practice without detonating the light bulb, suddenly making himself a dollar millionaire and us more fanatical game patients. The name of this bulb was “Civizilations”. Sid Meier had created a new genre that fell into the game world like a new bomb. Doing everything in civizilations, rewriting history was entirely in the player’s hands. You could even go to the moon with the Aztecs if you wanted. Nothing could restrain us anymore. Over time, many games like Civizilations appeared. Some were very good, some were very bad. But now a serious competitor to Civizilations is in the market; Rise of Nations.

As you can see from the name, in Rise of Nations, we will develop a race of our choice and try to “deliver” it:) of course, this is not an easy task. We’re not the only ones living in the world. We have some pretty serious competitors in this race to develop and take over the world. But “no one can intimidate me. I’ll take it into this world, and I’ll tax America, friend.”we enter the business with a password and open the door to a very exciting world.(Or were we turning on the monitor ? Uff, what a difficult language this is Turkish:)

At the beginning of Ron, there is a fairly well-prepared tutorial part for those who do not know the game. Obviously, if you don’t have Civizilations or similar gaming experience, I suggest you play here, because the game is described quite nicely. The first time you look at it, the controls seem incredibly complicated. (Each upgrade is assigned to a key, and make sure that each key has a task:) but for those who want to play this game fast to the degree of psychopathy. If you say, “I’m normal, brother.”if you say, the mouse is enough to play the game, and it’s already growing.

RoN is a game with a lot of options. If you want, you can choose one of ten races and play normal scenarios and take over the world, whether you can play any scenario, do XXX different skirmish against the computer, or you can Pastor your nerd friend in multiplayer by getting the highest grade in the class in every lesson you get annoying from school. So, in short, the choice is yours. I’m not going to explain the game for a long time because it’s done like this, because this type of Article both bores the reader and deters a person from taking an exciting game that has a lot of good things to discover. Instead, I’ll tell each episode in general. Please note that it is your job to catch the details by playing the game and try to do the exam next week come:) Hey look at the back rows here!

Sir, I’ll tell you the one-man script first. Here you can choose from 18 different races in which there are Turks. Races have advantages and disadvantages compared to others. For example, our nation is very good at military service, while the Greeks are advanced in science, and the Mongols are taking over the city. Here we choose the race you like, and the game takes us to the homeland of that race. The main goal here is to develop faster than our neighbors, and eventually open war on them and take over their territory. So it breaks down, and the next thing you know, the world is ours.Let’s move on to the skirmish encounters. This section is quite elaborate. The number of races we can play is 18 again. But here our competitors are able to shape their behavior. According to this, if you make your opponent aggressive character, the enemy just wants to destroy us, and we give up our work and fight constantly. Let’s say we have a competitor who puts economic development at the forefront. There’s no constant war this time. when we threaten our neighbor’s economic interests, then war is inevitable. In addition, here we can change the rules of the game, form an alliance, or throw into the environment races whose job is only to inflict barbaric terror. As I said, This is a place that is made of quite high quality, that can take into account every scenario that players want to perform. Maps are quite large, and it is also possible to adjust the map sizes. But one thing I don’t like here is that maps only have names, and somewhere on the edge, they don’t show what they look like. In this case, if you choose a map that you do not like, you will go back to the beginning and make that many settings again. The game was conceived in creative friends. If you want to crash and make your own map, then let’s take you to the mission editor section. Here you can make the disconnected map you want:)

Apart from what I have described above, you can install and play a single scenario that you like, or call your friends home (of course, I don’t know what your mother says about this situation:) you can have quite enjoyable multiplayer encounters.

The main goal in the game is to develop faster than the opponents, but this is not something that dan dun does. The needs of a developing race are also increasing according to him, and we are starting to do some things more balanced. For example, if you want to be a military society, you have to do a university because you get more advanced weapons only through chemical/nuclear research. But to provide the raw materials and financial resources needed for this work, agriculture, lumber (well, this is ridiculous, but it is. It has been the year 5254 we are still cutting wood:) you should pay attention to trade. In addition, we should not forget the religious and national feelings of the people. If you do worship in your cities, you can double the taxes you receive by using these places to 2. In various gas-inducing monuments (the statue of Liberty, the Egyptian pyramids, etc.), your people will work better and accelerate your development. But these are not sine qua non things. If you don’t, the public is working again.

I thought of cities. The game has a logic like this, the city capital that you originally had in your hands. As you move forward, your men are pushing for trade and further development, and you are forced to build new cities. As you build these new cities, the area of your country increases, so you can access more important sources of raw materials such as mines, oil deposits, wood. It is also possible to get the strategic items you need a lot by finding some bonuses while visiting the map. There are also very detailed upgrade options that are mind-boggling. For example, those who have successfully passed all ages are offered 4 different (highly developed) eras, and if you do them, you no longer need to wait 10 hours to produce tanks.(See Artificial Intelligence age) also quite solid in the artificial intelligence in the game. He can find your country’s weak spots and make sophisticated attacks that are quite brilliantly prepared. In terms of development, it can also surpass you in some cases. Graphically the game is not bad. The buildings look quite elaborate but some units I didn’t like at all. Especially tanks, armored vehicles seem a little sloppy to me.(I don’t know, maybe I’ve played Blitzkrieg for a long time:) also, it gets a little complicated, especially when you dive into enemy cities. Most of the time I lost my men during the war. In this, choosing my people with a mouse and choosing enemy soldiers was very effective. I choose, but next thing I know, more than half of the people I choose are enemies. And the combat effects are a little weak. Better can be done. The maps, on the other hand, are really nice and look pretty, especially wetlands, greenery. If you mouse over the things on the map and the game menus, there’s an information bar right away and it explains what you’re on. The menus are beautifully crafted. But when I’m playing, there comes a moment, and everything is filled with writing, symbols and shapes. But once you get used to the game, it’s not very disturbing.

In the game, there is music that plays alone as a sound. The characters were not given any voices. And should it have been given ? I think it could have been given. After all, in strategies, it gets on your nerves that the characters always say the same words, but it would be better if they said something from time to time. The music playing on the menus and during the game is beautiful. In particular, there are some differences in the music played according to the race you choose, and the characteristic reeds of that race are involved. (See Bell Chinese Chon instrument in Chinese:) the sounds of explosion and shooting are weak, just like their graphics. Better could have been done.

After all, a pretty good game is Rise of the Nation. A good choice to start with if you are unfamiliar with this genre. It’s a game where you don’t have to deal with ridiculous details like I don’t have a barbershop in my city or my people are dirty and therefore unhappy, RoN. Yes, there are not many details in the game, and perhaps for this reason it may sound like a very simple game for highly experienced Civizilations players. But it’s still a production that deserves to be taken and played.


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