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Rhem 2

Rhem 2 – I’m obviously not very good at adventures. I usually come somewhere, but I’m sure I get a very high-stakes puzzle, and after a few days of work, I leave it there. This is a situation that has happened to me very often. When I’m done, I write full solutions for them. I can give Sherlock Holmes an example of this situation. In fact, Adventures also have sections within themselves. There are some, like Myst, that are more focused on exploring and puzzles. Some, such as Broken Sword, are more story-based and much easier to solve, with only one puzzle in them. I’m not exaggerating alone, I’ve never seen anything like Rhem 2, which I’m currently writing a review of. I got to the point of giving up from the start, but I’m happy for the solid players.

Rhem 2, played from a first-person view, moves from screen to screen, moving to the next one when we click on its corners or forward. It is also very interesting that we start, when we click on the new game section in the main menu, the menu messages immediately remove and the background continues and constitutes the beginning of the game. After a long train journey, we stop and take control. Artifact and environmental details are not bad, but they could be even better. Alone, usually dark weather prevails, and sometimes it can be uncomfortable.

By clicking on the corners of the screen, or clicking on the top or bottom, we can switch to the next screen, which is usually our progress. Our hand, which plays the role of being our cursor on the screen, changes shape depending on the situation. When it comes to corners, it turns in the direction in which we can turn, it also helps us by changing shape in places where we can interact or require us to use things.

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As with most adventures, we have an inventory, and we will be able to use the items we buy from here when it comes. The game takes place on a small screen, and in the black Section at the bottom of this screen, we can access our inventory by clicking on the leftmost box, thanks to a simple drag – and-drop technique, we can use the objects we want in the appropriate places. Anyway, in this type of adventure, control is never a problem, because instead of challenging key combinations, we use our mouse and move forward by pointing to the places we want. This does not require complicated key combinations.

rhem 2

The most important thing I want to talk about is the difficulty of the game. Rhem 2, frankly, is the most difficult adventure I’ve ever seen or not seen. From the beginning you are constantly faced with puzzles, you see that there are a lot of combination and logic puzzles around that are waiting to be solved. Sometimes, somewhere, we’ll have to use something right, but this is very good to observe the situation in order to bring many places to roam around in your hand and even take a pen and paper and shapes, numbers and letters that you need to write down correctly may encounter. After you have noted them, you should review what you have noted with the clues you have discovered and get it to create combinations with each other. It’s hard to even explain. I guarantee you’ll be extremely nervous when you try to do it, because there are a lot of places to go, and there are a million puzzle pieces in these places. But the connections and cause-and-effect relationships between these puzzles are extremely rational, and they say, “Wow, how did they come up with this? it makes us ask questions like”

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Maybe you’re a fan of the adventure genre, and you can think of it as no game that doesn’t get rid of you. However, you may have to think again about this thesis after playing Rhem 2. I’m guessing you can mean even the highest-ranking adventurers. Players who want to play this kind of game with a whim and get it, they will be reversing once they see it. It is also worth noting that I stopped for a while and thought, to what extent it makes sense to make such a difficult game decisively. I finally got the blood like this; if you’re really sick of adventure and you’re looking for something solid to solve, Rhem 2 will keep you very busy, but remember that such a production doesn’t appeal to everyone. You buy it for a game, but you can’t do anything in front of it and just stay. So, you’ll be infected with Rhem 2, think carefully.


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