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For gaming companies, there is always one definitive solution. If a game is too busy, don’t make new inventions. Take it, go over it. Here’s the Dune example, here’s the Diablo example, here’s the Street Fighter example, here’s the Jagged Alliance example, and so on.

And here is the example of Half Life (hereinafter referred to as HL)…

Firms generally avoid inventing a new kind. Because the genre you are seeking to create, suitable for development or not, modular or not, management can be changed or not, takes its place. And if your first attempt is not successful, you will go to the trash with the attempt. But some of the companies prefer to copy for some reason instead of experimenting or feyz. Maybe cloning would be more accurate.

I don’t know how many of you have played, but the game called “Final Odyssey” is the best, but best example of this genre. He is a StarCraft clone, making a mockery of the name of the producing firm rather than announcing it. Because they both failed to clone, and increasingly glorified the name of the game they used. We should tie to our topic. As we said, Our game is a copy of HL (this time it is not a clone, but it can actually be called between a clone and a copy). Even the game engine, graphics and map overlays are almost exactly taken from HL. But they don’t have any differences.

First of all, the graphics of our game are good. Of course, there’s been a lot of water under the game market since hl. Our producer, Fun Labs, is also the producer of Shadow Force : Razor Unit, so he’s a little skilful about it. He bought the HL engine, developed it in partnership with Nvidia, and optimized it for Nvidia. Well, what does that mean? The fact is that the graphics of our game are the same as HL. But if you have a mid-level (GeForce MX and around) or advanced (GeForce 4 MX and ahead or Ati high-level cards) video card, you can now look at mirrors, watch your reflection in coatings while running, watch the smoke dissipate by diving into fog clouds, or see the base without entering the water. Of course, they exist in every decent game now, but for a game based on the HL engine, it’s a really big improvement. This development, of course, is conveyed by a topic.

“Exploitation in the name of economic interests over the years makes Mother Nature much more powerless than it is, resources are depleted. The forests of Yagmur are almost unspeakable. The ozone layer is thin enough to be punctured. As a result, global warming increases in advanced size and unexpected results occur. Technology goes down to the public at all speed of development and becomes available to everyone. And again the top level is formed. This high-end manages to combine his body with technology. It begins to move forward with additions.

At this time, there is a question that we must answer;”

Use of technology or use by technology

A good explanation, a really enjoyable paragraph to read and listen to, but no one is sorry, it has no purpose. I can tell you that making such a statement instead of the purpose of this game is the same as telling the evolution of the rabbit in the story of the rabbit and the turtle. Besides, I prefer games that don’t start with the subject, but teach you the subject as you play. So I feel like I’m creating the subject instead of ending the subject, and I’m really having more fun.

Remember your HL days when you skip the beginning. What did we do before the game started? We went and put on our clothes. Likewise, we go to the end of the road and put on our clothes. And then what did we do? We practiced jumping, jumping, bending, swimming, using. We immediately repeat the same. And then? As a result of our stupidity, the game began. It’s almost similar.So our game is successful in its own way, but it has a certain beginning that it is partly a copy.

I’d like to say let’s look at the controls now, but anyone who has played HL will already use all the controls by heart. When I say there are no changes, I consider it appropriate to address this topic called mouse accelerator. This feature allows you to move your mouse cursor quickly, skipping a certain number of pixels according to a certain number of pixels when you move the mouse. And what did dear Fun Labs do? It left us alone with the accelerator without ever adding the hardware-supported mouse cursor feature to the game. I’m not talking about the feature, but if you put a clutch in an automatic-speed car to use, they won’t let you build a car again, nor can you sell goods again. I’m angry that the purpose of this help is to automate movements a little more and make you a little more active. So, what good is it to me if I can’t stand at the point I want because of this feature when I’m trying to walk or run, or if I fall off the pipes? And the controls have a registration problem. Once I entered the game, once in the game, and once again when I realized that there were no records, I saved my key settings. And guess what, gene didn’t record my settings. The problem is, I got into the menu by first setting the keys to empty, and then setting and saving each key alone. In recent history, I hope that they will release an update for both this and this mouse event.

And they did a really good job with the sound effects. Already the fact that our game also has full EAX support earns a big score. If I had great pleasure with my simple system connected to the stereo, I experienced the sounds, multi-column system, eax supported sound cards, players with digital solutions. The simplest example I noticed was the separation of machine sounds from the left column from the sound that came when I jumped on the pipe from the right column, and I would say that this was literally a source of happiness for me. It’s really nice that it’s been worked out.

Finally, the game deserves to be taken. But given the number of such games on the market, there is always an alternative. You’re not disgraced with the money you give, you’re having fun, you’re not bored with the sequel. But the little details can combine and eventually become annoying. In such cases, it can be said that it works to take a break and return to the game again Dec.

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