Return To Castle Wolfenstein Review

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Welcome to Wolfenstein, who is the father of doom and quake, the ancestor of the current 3d shooter games, 10 years later. As you play this game, you will inevitably go through a time tunnel and watch the path that 3d games take from simple textures and maps to become multiplayer and complex online.

As for the subject, Army Ranger William, who was sent to Nazi Germany in the Second World War and had to investigate and find strange events that occurred, “B.J.”We’re playing an agent named Blazkowicz. Although the subject is not so innovative, it still offers a certain integrity compared to the subject-disabled games such as Serious Sam or Doom. As a matter of fact, we can’t capture the subject flow and that feeling in Deus Ex or Metal Gear Solid in this game. To mitigate the negative impact of this, you have a notebook where notes are kept in the game. And pre-mission briefings are enough to get you in the mood.

During your missions, you fight against nazi soldiers, zombies and end-of-Episode bosses in some episodes using your existing 15 weapons, such as scanning and double-crossing. Your enemies don’t look very pleasant given the artificial intelligence of the game. He must be a Nazi descendant of “dunkofluk”. For example, in moments of mutual war, men are meaninglessly running on a plane to the right, or they do not react to your attacks, such as taking cover. After all, taking out stupid enemies who come in abundance can be an element of relief. In some episodes you have to create a security environment, and in some episodes you have to quietly stage attacks and set up ambushes. For this, you can install silencers on various types of pistols and rifles. It’s not that it doesn’t add a kind of excitement and pleasure to the game.

By the way, when you finish the game in single-player mode, you will see one or two new options. It won’t take you much time to finish the game, and if you still haven’t gotten your enthusiasm, you can test yourself in more difficult tasks. In addition, as an ID Software classic, hidden items and hidden places for the episode are also available in this game.

What Have The Years Changed ?

First, it is worth noting that the game is based on the Quake3 engine. In addition to the team in the first game, this time in the development phase of the game, Kingpin and Redneck Rampage games are known as the leading name of Xatrix gray Matter.

We can see that the graphics are quite busy, even photos taken from various parts of Germany are used as an in-game coating. 2. Considering the World War II environment, castles, castles, camps and an environmental element that you can interact with in various ways have been successfully transferred to the game. Although we have seen mediocre success in character modeling, we can still say that we did not quite get what was expected. However, as you look at your enemies (for example, a guard guarding the door), you will enjoy watching them pull out a cigarette and burn it and crush the butt with their feet.

The game’s music, on the other hand, does not have much presence, except for a few polyphonic music composed for Wolfenstein. In addition, when our ears, who are familiar with some of the vocalizations from the game no one Lives Forever, notice a slight smile on your face. And the gunshots are now almost the same as in every game. After all, sound and music are neither minus nor plus.

The opportunity to play online, which should be present in every game in today’s possibilities, this time manifests itself in an eye-filling Form. With a free addition that continues to be built and tested by Nerve Software, we will be able to play the game against eight existing mapte peer-to-peer friends, enriched with various objects in teams, just like in the Unreal Tournament. How popular this package will be and how long it will hold on to its tight competitors is a question of curiosity.

Although he could not take the first air and current that he created in general to the next level, Wolfenstein, a game that can be “tried” with the abundant action and playability that he will provide in a single-player mode, will add to his archives in one way or another.

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