Restricted Area Review

Restricted Area

No matter how much Role-playing games and action-type productions seem to be two opposite poles to each other, games that combine both can be extremely interesting. As the greatest example of this, we can also say Diablo. Diablo, shown as an RPG when it enters the category division, is actually seen as closer to the hack’n Slash style according to some due to its excessive action content. Who knows, maybe what makes the game still playable is that it contains a lot of action. But I think the feature that distinguishes Diablo from other RPG games and makes it playable is its comfortable interface and very easy-to-understand playability. Diablo has been and still is the number one choice for those who just want to get involved in the action and easily jump level without putting anything on your head.

Released quietly and suddenly recently, Restricted Area is a typical RPG – action mix. Based on its overall appearance, the time the story takes place, the variety of weapons and the environmental design, the game is very similar to the legendary game Fallout, and it also resembles Diablo with its abundant action and gameplay.

Control system that broke away from Diablo

As can be seen from the Restricted Area space design, it is almost similar to Fallout. A few young and inexperienced heroes who will save the world are eager to take charge of the Mission, while mutant creatures that have surrounded it are terrorizing the environment. Before we begin, we need to choose a character, and we are expected to choose one of four different characters.

The first character, Johnson, is a typical fighter. This hero, who uses the weapons at his disposal best and most efficiently, is also powerful, as is the case with a tank. It has to be the choice of those who only collect weapons and aim to shoot anyone who comes across them.

Our second character is Jessica Parker. A complete electronics fan, this character can control tiny robots and is the only hero who doesn’t wander alone. He’s weaker than other characters in close combat and distant combat.

Kenji Takahashi is the third of the characters we can choose from in the game. Kenji, who knows no opponents in hand-to-hand combat, is number one in the use of swords and claws. He can be extremely deadly with special fighting techniques that he wins in later levels.

The last character is the beautiful Victoria Williams. Although he is extremely unsuccessful in melee and is also not very efficient in weapons, he is the fearful dream of his enemies with his spells.

A little Fallout, a little Diablo.

After passing the character selection, we find ourselves in a developed city. But what we do here is very limited. We make a little fuss among the NPCs, whose number does not exceed six, chat with them, and take our first mission. Restricted area’s mission system is “go kill this guy. Take the next task ” develops in a tiny loop. Although the order and variety of tasks seem to vary according to the selected characters, they are usually all the same. In our first mission, we are asked to enter a mutant-occupied base and capture an important chip from inside the chest. First, we talk to the city’s pilot and go near the base in question. And then we continue our slaughter until we kill whoever we encounter and reach the last chest.

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As the action-packed mutant killing scenes come back to back, it turns out that the game is very similar to Diablo. Each time we try to reach the place shown on a randomly generated map. Again, as in Diablo, from all sides, the same creatures attack each other, and if we don’t kill them, we can finally find an army of mutants whose number passes through our eyebrows. After reaching the places on the map, when we move on to the next step, we again encounter a map produced at that moment, and this time we fight the mutant army that belongs to that map.

After killing enough mutants, we level up and gain new abilities within the framework of RPG logic. Although each character has a skill tree that we must distribute points according to their own TAZR, they all have a weapon use tree as standard. You decide here. So if you want your character to be an expert on the weapon he uses, you can distribute points to the weapon section. In the same way, if you want your character to be an expert in his or her class-specific abilities, this time you must distribute points to that tree. In fact, the most logical thing is to choose the weapon that you will use in the game and give it points, and then distribute the rest of the points to the character’s own characteristics.

Closer to fallout on gun issues

The most obvious feature that distinguishes Restricted area from Diablo is certainly weapons and bodybuilding apparatus. Although the weapons in the game are extremely familiar tools, the other devices are extremely advanced. In order for us to give our character a pistol, rifle or machine gun that we want to use, first of all, our ability must be clear. The standard weapon that all characters will use is passively open from the beginning, but if you want, you can distribute points to the weapons tree to use other weapons, so that our wizard daughter, who must use a pistol, can even use a shotgun if you want.

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Personal development apparatus features that add different taste to the game. Our game doesn’t have the kind of armor to strengthen our character. Instead, we are becoming more efficient in using our body organs with various apparatus. For example, we can make more accurate shots with a tiny lens that we will add to our eyes, and we can run faster with a developer that we will attach to our leg. It is possible to make our character stronger with various apparatus such as these. All that needs to be considered is the strength of tolerance. Each character has a tolerance score in the plus direction according to his race, and each apparatus has a tolerance score in the minus direction according to his own. If this tolerance score decreases as you add apparatus to your body, your other powers decrease. For example, The Wizard’s energy score decreases as he uses an over-development apparatus. That’s why you can’t fill every aspect of your character with these devices. At least until we reach a certain level.

The more we talk about Restricted area, the more its similarity to Diablo increases. We more or less mentioned that the map system is similar in structure. In addition, we should note that enemies follow the same logic in their objects that come out or fall over them, each time random objects fall. In the same way, the chests we will encounter on the road offer us randomly generated objects.

Technical issues hit rock bottom

If we examine the technical structure of the Restricted area, we see that it is lagging behind today. The graphics are reminiscent of years ago. The game map is a two-dimensional picture, and so the refresh rate drops as our character runs. Character modeling is also not enough. If we compare the game with Fallout, we can say that the graphics are better, but given today’s technologies, the Restricted Area is quite far behind.

As a result, Restricted Area can be considered as a Fallout modification of Diablo. The combat system and playability are similar to Diablo, and the environment and technological tools through which the story goes are similar to Fallout. A mediocre mix of these two legendary games, our game can appeal to players who love the gameplay of Diablo and have a low system.


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