Respawn Entertainment is working on a story-driven game

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, which has signed successful games such as Apex Legends, Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall series, is working on a new game.

Respawn Entertainment, which includes former Call of Duty producers, is working on a new adventure game Dec. The firm did not go into further details about the story-based adventure game in the job advertisements it published.

Respawn Entertainment is working on a new game

The team, which has previously signed successful games such as Apex Legends, Jedi: Fallen Order and Titanfall series under the roof of EA Games, also confirmed that they are working on a new one-man adventure game with a job announcement and statements made via Twitter. This statement was made on Twitter by Mohammad Alavi, the creative director of the project, and it was stated that they were looking for elements for the project.

Looking at the posted jobs, we see that technical game designer, senior technical game designer, Senior Combat Designer and a senior designer are wanted. Alavi also said that those who will start in the new position will be in a small but ambitious team. So this project will probably be developed by a new team established within Respawn. This, in turn, shows us that Jedi: Fallen Order is a different project than the sequel.


Respawn Entertainment

Although the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order has not yet been officially announced, the firm has been known to be working on it for some time. On the other hand, we have heard reports that Respawn, which continues in Apex Legends updates, has also been working on several projects before. In short, we can say that the company has gone through a busy period and continues to sail for new projects.

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