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Resistance 2

Resistance is actually a very unlucky game, because he was a soldier who played the role of King at the time he came out, just like a volunteer who came forward to save his country. As you know, PlayStation 3 debuted in a very troubled way, and at that time the role of Savior was left to novice games. One of those games was Resistance: Fall of Man. But despite this difficult period, insomnia’s first FPS experience, Resistance, was very successful with a GPA of close to 90 percent and seriously saved Sony and PS3. Apart from surviving that period, of course, the PS3 had won another successful new series. Because Resistance is seriously appreciated by many. Therefore, it would be pointless not to follow up on such a game, which was announced shortly after Resistance 2 (R2).

The invasion continues

Themes such as “the extinction of the Earth”, “aliens”, “the end of humanity”, which have always appeared in movies, games and books for many years, are still put before us without ever giving up, without stopping. Resistance had an interesting scenario that set out in this direction, but included another realism on the other side. A little reminder for the forgotten, 2. At a time when World War II never happened, a virus that appeared in Russia in the early 1930s begins to spread towards Europe. This leads to the emergence of a new breed of people called the Chimera virus, and gradually change and the people, after the fall of Asia and the European continent, the island of Great Britain aims to respond to deploy as the last resistance there. But things do not go as desired, and the entire continent falls under the control of the Chimera. But one person survives this great war, and of course he’s the one we control, Nathan Hale.

Resistance 2, on the other hand, starts where the first game ends, and Nathan Hale appears again as the person we control, but this time based on him, because this time we witness Nathan’s story throughout the game. To mention the general story, although the game began immediately after what happened in England, we go 2 years later after a short gameplay, and after 2 years of calm, Chimera has come to the American continent to destroy all the last remaining humanity much more strongly. The invaders, who launched attacks on all regions very quickly, took control of almost every region of the continent. Nathan, on the other hand, begins his adventure in America by joining a unit called SRPA with special soldiers.

Doludizgin adrenaline

In the first game, the never-ending combat environment increased even more in the second game. So much so that as soon as you start the game, you find yourself among giant machines, and this whirlwind of excitement never ends until the game is over. Of course, as the biggest factor in this, we can show that the type and number of enemies that we encounter in the first game increase almost 2 times in this game. For me, the first game was a little weak in this regard, but in the second game we come face to face with dozens of enemies every second, which greatly increases the combat environment in the game. In fact, although this may seem to draw a dull image at first glance, it is not quite so. Because in the first game, we were going through a lot of episodes alone, so we were dealing with all these creatures alone. But in this game, the opposite is often with our teammates or even many other soldier friends, so these intense conflicts start to give pleasure rather than boredom.

It prevents you from thinking of yourself as a one-man army, as in many similar games. You really feel like you’re moving forward with the army. In addition, another good point for me about enemies is that Insomniac’s thinking about size changes, because in the first game we didn’t encounter many very large creatures, but in the second game we encountered many Chimera’s sizes are grossly large. Apart from the gigantic size 3-4 people tall constantly encountered creatures that come, frankly, this situation gave me a lot of pleasure, I think the excitement of the game was one of the factors that doubled. Speaking of giants, not without mentioning our incredibly sized boss enemies. I’d say it’s all a masterpiece, it’s definitely worth a visit. In fact, I have to point out that I still can’t forget the first boss creature in the game, one of the most exciting boss battles I’ve ever seen.

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Of course, the environmental factor that makes enemies so good is also very successful in R2. During the game, we travel the American continent from California to Utah, from Idaho to Louisiana, from Iceland to Mexico. Every place we go consists of very well-designed sections. For them, there are very successful places such as rivers and forests, canyons, an entire ruined and flooded city, and wonderfully sized spaceships. But personally, as someone who likes to be in a ruined urban environment, I don’t like episodes like forests, spaceships, so I think the first game as an atmosphere is more successful in this regard. Because in R2, there is more of a struggle against time, and so the psychology of let’s do something as soon as possible and end it has emerged, which seriously increases the tempo of the game, so it becomes difficult to live in the moment. For example, the creatures that appeared for boss battles are really wonderful, but they die very easily, and you pass by for a few minutes. For example, you’ve all seen a creature the size of a building in the Chicago section, and when we encounter this creature, you can see that things happen and end at a lower pace than you expected. I think they could be a little more careful about it, for example, we could face each other a few times and kill each time after we had narrowly escaped, so the excitement and pleasure would increase, and the game would last longer. Obviously my expectations were very high when I saw these great creatures, but I was a little disappointed, at least for the excitement when I was fighting them…

The battle to exist

Our goal in the game, as can be seen, is to prevent humanity from ending, because there are creatures that move forward with great determination to do so, and we fight as hard as possible. Obviously, there can be moments when the game is very difficult. Especially there are moments when enemies are so intense that you may have to play the same place several times. Of course, AI (artificial intelligence) in the game does a great job here. Personally, I can safely say that it is the most successful of what I have seen recently. Creatures that come across in a much improved way than the first game hide when necessary, attack, throw bombs when in a difficult situation, even run over you and dive directly into the kamikaze. So R2 was pretty good at it. In addition, another factor that makes the game so enjoyable is the great playability, because it is incredibly comfortable. Although it is actually similar to the first game in general, the zoom, previously designed as R3, has been taken to L1 this time, making it much more comfortable to play the game. In addition, the movement of the character and weapons has become more flexible, you can dominate your environment more than in the first game.

I also think it is necessary to talk about the game’s weapons, which seem strange, but are very comfortable to use. In general, the producers, who also carry all the weapons in the first game to the second game, have added large weapons with a few functions, and I can also say that you will love them all very much. During the game, I wish we could carry more weapons, because there are seriously very successfully designed weapons, and they all have more than one function, and you can apply them very comfortably on the gamepad.

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Watching America burn

About 7 months ago, the first video about the game was released. But it was just a Teaser video. Our man, Nathan Hale, kicked open a door and saw San Francisco disappear, surrounded by giant spaceships. According to some, this video was not in-game, according to some, it was in-game, so it was very controversial. Frankly, the fact that Insomniac has never used CGI images in any of its games made me believe that this video was in-game. But the in-game videos that came soon after showed just how successful Insomniac was doing. The visuals in the teaser that was shown were moved into the game, although it was clear that some things were waived for this visuals when looked at carefully, the main indicator of this was the small number of aircraft in the air. But despite it, this situation, which did not grin in any way, was presented to us like a CGI image, and it was not possible to seriously admire it.

By preparing the infrastructure in the above paragraph, you understand what to say about the graphics quality of the game. Resistance 2 was a really great game in a visual sense. All the episodes that appear in the game are so successful that you really play the game like a movie. In particular, the lighting is really great, even in San Francisco, Chicago, Orick and Holar Tower sections, I would say that the lighting in the game has reached its climax. But is it perfect? Of course it’s not. Some coating issues stand out, weapon modeling could have been better, and unfortunately, the bug is also present in the game. At some point, you can see body parts or weapons hanging in the air, although this is not a very important nuisance, but it would be better if it wasn’t. Obviously, there is no need to talk too much in a general sense, because the game is really great in one word as a visual quality.

One of the successful parts of the game is the sounds. It’s really admirable, especially the sounds the creatures make have an incredible effect. At an unexpected moment, you can be shaken by a strong moan or footsteps. Also in great compatibility with the environment, it certainly serves the atmosphere of the game very well and doubles the playability.

60 people are waiting for us

One of the biggest pros of Resistace: Fall of man was the multiplayer section. The game, which allowed up to 40 people to play, could be played very comfortably without any lag. So he was really good at it, and even one of the biggest factors in the game’s high rating was the multiplayer option. Resistance 2, on the other hand, has managed to raise this bar even higher. This time you have a very high-quality multiplayer experience with no lag on 60-person maps. The game has really great times with familiar multiplayer modes on quite a variety of maps. In addition, the second big plus in the multiplayer part of R2 is the 8-player co-op option. Together with your friends, you can explore the game again, fight Chimera again. But we’re not running the Nathan Hale character here, the other soldiers are under our control, and this time we’re heading into the game from a different perspective.

Closing the curtain

Resistance 2 is definitely one of the best FPS games of the year in every aspect, but with its playability, immersive scenario, visuals, awesome enemies and many other advantages, PlayStation 3 has also become one of the most successful productions in recent times. But some questions that leave a question mark in the heads in the first game, the inability to answer in the second game can be considered a small handicap, but other than that, I can safely say that the game meets expectations to the end.

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