Resident Evil 2: Platinum Review

Resident Evil 2: Platinum

I saw the game at my friend’s when Resident Evil first came out on the PlayStation. I almost decided to buy PS as a result of seeing this game, which constantly underestimated PS until re’s exit. The atmosphere, the elements of fear, the excitement in this game affected me so much that I was afraid of the PlayStation today.

With Resident Evil, the games were getting scary. One of PS’s biggest Trumps was this game. The representative of this horror trend at the time on PC was the Phantasmagoria series. When Resident Evil was converted to PC, I was not very hopeful about re’s performance on PC, because the situation of games converted from Ps to PC was obvious. But Capcom misled me and managed to project the entire atmosphere in the PS to the PC. I played and finished the first part of the game with pleasure. But it was obvious that this story would get longer.

Now we have Game 2. he has a department. It’s hard to say that its subject is very original, but it’s absolutely perfect in terms of processing. Especially this situation nails you to the head of the computer. In fact, the subject is very long, complicated, and some parts of the script are unclear, the screenwriters wanted us to interpret the subject a little bit according to ourselves. He exaggerated the work and opened sites on the internet where everyone wrote their own script. Umbrella Corp. a company called zombie everyone in Racoon City as a result of its dangerous biological experiments. S.T.A.R.S. Claire Redfield, the older sister of Chris Redfield, the daredevil Chris Redfield, who we know from the first episode of his team, comes to Racoon City to visit her brother Chris. But as there are no people in sight, Claire is confronted by countless zombies after a while. Meanwhile, they encounter rookie cop Leon Kennedy, who is spending his first day on the job. As a result of an accident on their way to the police station, they fall apart and agree to meet at the police station.

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From this point on, we take control. It is possible to select both characters. If I start to describe the scenario that gets mixed up with the game’s progress, I have to spend a week at the beginning of Wordpad. The game has two modes:Normal mode and Arrange Mode. In Normal mode, you will need to spend some effort to reach powerful weapons, and your ammo is limited, and therefore the game is more difficult. In Arrange mode, the most powerful weapons (Rocket Launcher, Submachine Gun, Gatling Gun, etc. . ) you have it from the beginning, and most of them have endless ammunition. Camera angles of the game are the biggest reason why the game is scary, because camera angles that vary depending on locations often prevent you from seeing zombies or other creatures in advance.

It’s really professionally worked on the sounds. Footsteps, door slams, moaning from zombies. Especially music that changes depending on the location doubles a person’s fear. It allows you to be prepared for what comes out after every door.

There were moments in RE2 when my heart got stuck. For example, zombies that suddenly come out of broken windows as you pass through the narrow corridors of the police station and try to reach you, or zombies that lie on the floor and think they are dead, suddenly hug your feet. There are plenty of such scenes in RE2. The story is transmitted through Dec. At this time, the movies were really carefully decked out. And there are big monsters in the game that appear in some episodes. Sometimes they can be a giant crocodile, sometimes they can be a mutated scientist. My favorite part of the game is the save system. The first game had the same system. It takes time to get used to it. You can save the game only thanks to typewriters in certain rooms. For example, you need to get to the police station for the first save. In fact, you should also have ink(Ink Ribbon) with you to save(usually ink near the typewriter).

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There are 4 different scenarios in the game (LeonA, LeonB, ClaireA, ClaireB). You can play scenario A of both characters, and if you end the game with one of them, you can play scenario B of the other character. This system, made to allow the game to be played for a longer period of time, is not very successful. Because in other scenarios, it’s basically the same as the main scenario, only some details are different, so B scenarios end easily. The game wants a video card that is at least Direct3D compatible. S3 Virge class is sufficient. The game’s software mode is pretty bad in terms of graphics. But I didn’t get many complaints from my friend who played the game in this way, because the atmosphere in the game turns a person’s head.

There’s plenty of blood in the game. But not at this disturbing level (let’s also do our social duty). Don’t be afraid of everything that moves in the game, don’t shoot everything, be text, don’t get unnecessary excitement. Don’t play at night, even if you play, take someone with you, sometimes give yourself gases such as “I don’t listen to zombies or anything like that.”

The RE2 atmosphere is a marvellous classic. For adventure fans, the puzzles are manageable, while for action and horror lovers, they are a great boon. It would be a big mistake to miss it. When I say Capcom, I always think of an office full of slant-eyed men. But don’t underestimate these smart and talented guys:)

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