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red ocean

Actually, the game market is Strange. Sometimes there can be very good games in a row. At that time, a person is so surprised that they can go crazy about which one to play. But sometimes there’s a game shortage. Let alone a good game, no project can even show growth. At such times, usually those who come out are productions that fall into the type of crispy cookie and do not exceed mediocre. They try to grab a parcel in the market when their big and Good Brothers aren’t around. It may be possible to encounter such empty shots in stagnant times. But in another respect, there is another incident. Some firms are new and in their infancy. To launch their new projects and introduce themselves a bit, they like that kind of time. But the fact that their new game is not very touching can give them a bad reputation.

Jack’s the real guy.

Red Ocean was not released at a scarce time. In fact, the release of beautiful games has recently taken its place on the shelf, quietly and calmly. From the very beginning, Red Ocean is actually quite a simple and mediocre production. It also has a clichéd script as a subject. We control a good diver and treasure hunter character named Jack Hard (it’s obvious how tight he is from his last name). Jack’s diving with his friend. 2. They find a submarine from World War II. As they investigate this, his friend disappears screaming for help. As Jack searches for him, he sees that there is a Russian base during the Cold War. Jack tries to save his friend on one hand and has to thwart the terrorists ‘ nefarious plans. So the adventure begins, while we are involved in the game. The subject, which can be a lot of material for second-rate action films, is told to us with a little cinematography. Once Jack enters the base, we have control.

Red Ocean contains the same logic as the FPS before the First Half Life. In short, kill the enemies in front of you, find the key or press the button, open the door and pass the section. Apart from this, there is nothing else in the production as gameplay. In general, the logic of moving forward, killing and opening the door prevails, but don’t expect anything else. In addition, there are certain roads to go to, there is never another alternative shortcut. That makes the game linear. Let’s get an old-type game that we say (I don’t like old-type FPS), but enemies and the atmosphere are still other factors that ruin everything. Let’s start with artificial intelligence. Our opponents in the game are literally pure-blood idiots. They have no sense of movement or direction, they just get in front of us and shoot, that’s all. I assumed it was a program error now, but sometimes they can do moves like dodging grenades. I don’t know how they can think of it. Even at the most difficult level, from the beginning to the end of the Red Ocean, its opponents officially bottled it. But I didn’t see his movements other than to escape the grenade. Thanks to pure-blooded idiot enemies, I’m really Rambo’s one-man army.

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The shortcomings in the production do not end. Especially now I refer to the voices. There are conversations that are extremely bad. It features characters who speak by heart and straight. But the funniest and worst part is the gun effects. I can’t even say anything, especially about the sound that the machine gun makes. The sound that comes out when you shoot at the wall is the same as the sounds that Guns Make in general. All of them have a feeling that one effect has been used. At least a person would put more different versions of the same voice into the game, so that it would make a difference in this way. But the producers were really lazy about it.

No good parts?

The graphics are a little smoother than the other parts. At least when you look at the screen, it’s obvious that he has a little good intentions. The quality of the coatings is actually bad, they can look good from afar. But when they get close, they show themselves. Modeling can work a little bit. After the beautiful graphic games I personally played last term, Red Ocean can remain simple with them. But the graphics are one of the best parts in the game, along with non-artificial intelligence and sounds consisting of only one effect. I mean, at least he can offer something that might look good on the screen.

Mistakes are too much in the making. For example, there are some indentations and protrusions that appear on the road. Normally, if we try to go over them, we can’t go through them, they’ll stop us. But there’s no such thing in Red Ocean. You can go through recesses and ledges. They never stop you or give you a pass. Some laws of physics also apply in the construction. There are bodies flying in explosions, the physical laws of water, the destroyed parts, etc. In fact, these are one of the Plus and beautiful details in the game. But they are not enough, most points are insufficient when the entire game is dealt with.

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The conclusion is obvious

In the construction, there are small parts where we can move quickly, where we can go into the water and swim or escape. These episodes cut out the linear gameplay and can be fun. But other than that, there’s no other activity. In short, Red Ocean is an ordinary simple FPS game. It doesn’t have any appeal. But if you say I play FPS again, it doesn’t matter, the rest is up to you.

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