Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge Review

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge

Our story is as follows, Sir: Yuri interrupts the meeting of pirezidant Maykil Dugin, appearing on the screen in the room as if he were jumping out of torn Frost. Maykil with his typical capitalist approach said, ” I will give you the presidency of Russia, let us be brothers!”even if he says, Yuri is obsessed with dominating the world. In San Francisco, he activates a device that I don’t understand because they were talking so fast at the time, probably trying to destroy Earth or something like that.. And you go back in time thanks to something Aynstein just invented, trying to destroy the device before it works, blah, blah, blah..

In a nutshell, you’re fighting Yuri, the last time we saw him in a jar. (Remember the final demo of Russia.) Because Yuri threatens everyone, for a while the whole world has become a brother, for example, you can control Tanya when you play with the Russian side.. The game does not work without an expansion pack, namely the original Red Alert 2 installed. Before setup, it upgrades the original game to version 1,006, which takes about 15 minutes. As in the first game, you choose the American or Russian side and start entering Yuri.. In Single player, you have no chance of being Yuri. If you say you will play, you can choose skirmish or multiplayer.

There are seven tasks for both sides. So it’s pretty short.. If you cash in, you can finish even in a day, that is, if you risk not leaving the screen for 12-13 hours. It took me two days to finish. In general, the tasks are not difficult, especially the tasks of the Russian side can be finished blindly. (It took me 15 minutes to complete the last task, which included 5 minutes of “it can’t be that simple!”I spent it saying.) Yuri (although he uses interesting units) is unfortunately not a formidable enemy. Gattling cannons, which can shoot the two most dangerous weapons in the air and land, and get stronger as they shoot, and can control the mind of everything around them (dogs, mining vehicles, etc., as in the first game not included) Masterbrains. In the American campaign, you can handle Gattling cannons without even going into range with Prism tanks, while Russia is doing the same with Apocalypse. Although they’re in range, but they take out cannon without a scratch. Although masterbrains are quite annoying, if they control too many units, they “short-circuit” and become unusable. When these are the” most dangerous ” weapons, consider the others..

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Westwood must have been aware of this, resorting to very boring “measures” to complicate the game. The first and worst of these is the limitation of your resources. You start about 3-4 missions with resources given to you, and you can’t build certain buildings, you can’t produce certain units. Because otherwise, it won’t take you ten minutes to complete the mission.. Although even with these limited resources, it doesn’t take more than half an hour, apart mevzu.Ve new units.. They’re already putting out expansion packs for this! There are not many new units for America and Russia. Especially for America, just one or two.. (One is a giant tank with very low armor and firepower, but can crush anything, and the other is robot tanks that do not fall under mind control.) In general, rather than new units, only bonus units that vary depending on the country you choose in skirmish and multi are included in the single game. (Hmm, it was a low sentence. Deal with it, I can’t fix it now..) So America can use Germany’s tank destroyers, Britain’s snipers, and Russia can use demolition trucks and desolators.. And Yuri is an orgy in itself. Are you looking for brutes who knock over tanks, flying saucers, there are all kinds of trinkets. But they’re useless!

As I said, the game is already very easy and short. However, if you need advice, load up on the Kirovs when playing with Russia. They don’t get into mind control and do their job before gattling cannon can do them any serious harm. At the beginning of each mission, I produced 5 Kirovs and almost never produced other units, because Kirovs are enough. And when you play America, weigh in on the prism tanks, they beautifully turn everything into debris without going into range. Have attack dogs at your base and next to your attacking units, and your nerves get upset when Yuri and Yuri primes take control of your three-lane unit called zart.. But that’s all. An interesting but not formidable enemy. And I don’t think it’s preferable in multi.

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No improvement in graphics and sound, like in the first game. Oh, sorry, they’ve renewed the voices of the units. The music is the same.. Actually, it’s good that there’s no change, the originals were pretty good. The demos, unfortunately, are not impressive at all, they seem to be very short and sloppy. And it can’t even be compared to the demos of the first game. (But I must say that the communications officers of both sides have also become more beautiful!) In general, an air of” chirping ” also prevails in the game. The people in Westwood had a lot of fun.. In one of the missions of the American side, you save the company “Massivesoft” and earn a lot of money from a man who looks badly like Bill Gates. The fourth mission is called” Tomb Raided ” and takes place in the area of the pyramids. Your men are shooting at mummies wandering around.. Okay, it’s funny, but it squeezes at some point. I almost forgot, there is a very important innovation about Russia! As you know, in the original game, Tanya and I were going out to dinner when America finished its duties. On the Russian side, they were lighting up the jar where Yuri’s brain was standing.. That great injustice will be removed. Your communications officer says that before the last mission, “Moscow winters are cold, but he hopes that will change,” if you come back safe and sound. I don’t know your king! I’ll come to the mountains dele dele, flame-haired half!

It could have been much better if it had been a little longer and Yuri had also been playable in single missions. But we’ll get it anyway.. After all, we all loved Red Alert 2, which is its expansion pack. Not listed do we have? Although a great game like Empire Earth is on the market.. You want advice? If you have enough money for just one game and you like strategy, go get Empire Earth. No, mom, I loved the first game, if you are one of those who says you don’t need the Blue advice, AHA, you have an expansion pack, Bon Appetit..

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