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real war

I know it sounded a little weird at first. I mean the note I gave you.. Graphics 80, gameplay 80 but overall 40! How so? Be patient, dear reader, read more..

Simon & Schuster is a book publishing company. Actually, holding is more like it. It seems strange to us that such formations can be made by publishing books in foreign countries, but Stephen King, Dean R. If you’re a publisher of writers like Koontz, that’s fine.. In a nutshell, this company is a bookstore! The only difference between us is that he makes money.. For the last two or three years, with the addition of “Interactive” on its behalf, e-book has also taken a hand in sectors such as computer games. Real War is the result of these initiatives.

It’s interesting, for the first time, we’re not fighting against the Russians (or enemies whose red color, although it doesn’t carry that name, can tell which nation it is)! (For some reason, the color of the good is always blue..) It goes like this, sir, as you know, the Cold War is over. America won, he wrote the End for Russia. And who will be the enemy now? Are these constantly manufactured war machines, bullets, soldiers going to waste? Of course not, for this problem, I present to you the terrorist groups that the United States once nurtured and raised, the final solution! Now our new enemy IS terrorists.. Somehow, these terrorists (their name in the game is ILA) have united between them and formed an army, threatening our dear world. And, of course, the US is getting involved. Your mission in the game is to fight against the ILA in various parts of the world (if you choose the USA). If you choose ila, it’s the opposite.. (By the way, Ila also has a terrible Russian accent, amazing!)

It starts with a very good demo. (We’re still discussing whether the images are real or demo, so understand.) The interface is also beautiful.. No wonder the graphics quality is not achieved when the first task is loaded. The game is a 2D strategy, but the graphics are excellent. At high resolutions, it gives high-quality images that can handle Sudden Strike. If you don’t believe it, look at screenshots. Now do you understand why I gave the chart 80 points? Even more could have been given, but I broke the “conviction” note a little. Because the graphics are the only good thing in the game.

As with a standard RTS, your first task is to build a building and go into production. The interface is nicely done. There is also no problem with the controls, if you have played an rts before, you will also play it, if you have not played it, you will find out in ten minutes. (This is why I rate the gameplay highly, dear reader..) So what’s the problem?

The first stupidity occurs in the production of resources. You have to have money to produce, and you get it not by digging mines, but by creating “supply depots.” Money comes to every supply depot by helicopter about every two minutes. The problem is, supply depots are very cheap and have no restrictions. You can also install thirty if you want, and you have unlimited money. Even four supply depots are enough, it’s like you’re cheating, unlimited money! A new one comes in until you run out of money, another one before you start spending it.. And it doesn’t take time. They’re cheap and they’re quick to set up..

But let’s set that aside. Among other idiots, it’s not even worth mentioning. There are about 20 missions in the game for both sides. Actually, that number is enough, and the problem is that they end very quickly! You want a sample? I, Sir.. In the third mission of the US side, your goal is to find and bomb a laboratory that produces chemical weapons. I’m going to give two or three soldiers, I’m going to walk around the map with them, and when I find the lab, I’m going to sneak in or something, and it turns out that the place in question is right under my nose. As I was looking left and right to see the map, I accidentally came upon a building and came across an article shouting that this building was a laboratory. I thought I was going to look into it. Let’s say I’m honey, fog of war is in the game, if you’d at least put the building in an invisible place! No, even though it’s fog of war, for some reason the lower left side of the map (must be the wisdom of Allah) appears, and the building in question is here. I fired a missile at him and finished the mission in about 45 seconds. Load time was more..The units in the game are also strange. They’re terribly unstable.. For example, even though you can build barracks and produce soldiers, you don’t produce them because they don’t work. It makes more sense for you to produce tanks or something like that, already the enemy is doing so, almost the game will be over, I have never seen the enemy produce soldiers. They don’t help is that! Their firepower is very low, they are already immediately crushed under any vehicle. It’s not like gaining rank, because they can’t survive enough! There is also an imbalance in air power.. The enemy has two or three types of vehicles that he can use against air forces, if you destroy them with the ground vehicles you have produced, you can destroy an entire base with a single helicopter! Admittedly, this is also possible in other strategies. But it’s not that easy.. Because he’s the enemy..

He doesn’t have artificial intelligence. Interestingly, this is probably the first time in a strategy game that we are facing an enemy who uses scripts instead of artificial intelligence. Even though he produced a thousand tanks in the first moments, for some reason he attacked me with only one and didn’t even move other tanks, didn’t repair damaged buildings, or something like that, I attributed it to the evil of artificial intelligence, but it wasn’t. I’ve played a mission three times in a row, all in the same minute, from the same place and with the same unit on the attack. Even the tanks he didn’t use were in the same place! Don’t worry, it’s total equality, because your units are acting in the same stupidity. They don’t do anything unless they’re attacked or you order a “patrol”! I couldn’t go back to my base because I was closely involved in the massacre at the enemy camp on a mission. And but I left all ten tanks there so that they would intervene if there was an attack. I’m back at my base, so I can see, my God, that one tank has destroyed three of my buildings, about to destroy the fourth, and right next to that building, my ten tanks are watching the situation as if they were watching the train! And they can’t find the right way or follow your orders.. It’s a very lax Army, the U.S. Army! I order my “missile launcher” vehicles, My only weapon against helicopters, to attack helicopters, they wave two, and then they’re not interested, because they’re bored anymore! If you’re not busy, find that stupid car again, shoot what’s inside, give the order again, ohoo.. You know, it’s called” replay playability ” or something like that, it’s out of the question for this game. What replay playability? Even playing once is boring enough!

In a nutshell, we’re dealing with the most crass artificial intelligence in history (sorry, script), and I’m sure even a chimpanzee with a mouse can end this game by randomly clicking on it. The beautiful graphics, the explosions, the wonderful animations of the units are not enough to save the game, because it has nothing but them. Obviously, I am looking forward to the company that will make a proper strategy with these charts. This game can’t be saved by patch, it’s stillborn! Actually, multiplayer (after all, because you’re playing against a real person) can be fun, and it’s problematic, too.. We couldn’t even start a game without at least two of the machines migrating (over the lan). Eventually..

Although I give 80 to the graphics of the game, 80 to the gameplay, these are the reasons why the overall rating is 40, I offer dear reader.

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