Rallysport Challenge Review

Rallisport Challenge

I want to point out something when I start writing one of the best rally games in recent days. Games like car racing have not been for me. But this game managed to make me love itself. I’ve been playing nonstop for almost 3 days, and I could have played for a longer time, but the exams are coming up, and every day I live a little more sitres, and it doesn’t feel like it’s a good choice to have a conscience. Anyway, back to our game. What’s in this game now? Of course, there are plenty of cars and maps. If you say that there is no topic, I can say that there is no topic, and already racing games do not need the topic. So you step on the gas and use your imagination a little bit. Here’s what a car race needs. Ha bird sound and no machine to run this game, but I will specify it in the future.

Right after 100 m

When we enter the game, we encounter classic menu options. So one race, career, etc. After you enter the Career section of the game and create a vehicle, you choose a tournament and start competing. When you finish a map, you get a certain score based on your ranking in the game and the damage status of your car. According to this score, you can open certain maps and cars. In fact, it’s like winning money when you compete in the NFS( Need for Speed) series. The only difference here is that his name is Points. You can play a map as much as you want without going into the Career section, so if you want to get real or improve yourself at the time. Actually, there’s not much to say Here, car racing, it’s all the same. So career (main game), sections where you can race alone and play on the map, your garage where you adjust the car settings are all almost standard. It’s the same in all car races. There are no different things in this game.

One of the things I see missing in the game is that we are very ineffective in terms of vehicle settings. We’re usually asked to choose one of two or three options. So we can’t fine-tune it. But considering that the game is not a simulation, this is not very noticeable. Of course, if you call it Colin McRae, you won’t find what you’re looking for in this game. Because it has more of an arcade-style game structure. There are many and different maps. No map repeats each other. A result of this is that they are relatively short. Because designing long and different maps is more difficult and difficult than designing short and different maps, as you can imagine. Of course, as I said, the abundance in the number of maps can cover this gap. There are so many maps that you won’t be bored for long.

Its graphics are too beautiful to expect in a racing game. I’d say it’s the only game where you have the opportunity to hit a tree with a personality, not a tree made of cardboard. The coatings are really nice. As you pass through the mountains, you think you should pull into a corner and enjoy the view a little. Of course, so many ornaments and effects are obtained in exchange for an above-average machine. My advice to you is to play on a system above 1000 Ghz with 256 DDR RAM, 64 mb video card. You can’t take much advantage of the blessings of the game in a system below that. Yeah, speaking of graphics, some mistakes in the game can break your enthusiasm a little. For example, when you hit a tree, the feeling that the hood enters your mouth is very well adjusted, while they could not reflect it on the ride. On the contrary, no matter how much damage your car gets, it doesn’t affect your driving very much. And artificial intelligence really gets artificial sometimes.

Now, if you think that such beautiful graphics have such beautiful sounds, you are wrong. Sounds of the game can’t perform above average. But we say that Every Rose has a thorn, and we forgive it to some extent. Because it’s a really fun game. As long as the sounds don’t scratch our ears, we can ignore it.

Sharply to the left

Controls, on the other hand, are convenient and easy to understand, as you would expect from a racing game. A quick grasp of the physics of the game allows you to quickly increase your dominance in the controls.

If you’re saying you want to play a fun car race, I’m saying you’ve found what you’re looking for. But if you’re a fan of simulation, it’s a game you shouldn’t approach.

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