RacePro Review


Some companies in the world of Video games continue their path without ever changing their style, never surprising users. If you’re focused on one topic, you’re mastering it. So you’re likely to do well. SimBin, one of the companies that can be considered successful in this context, recently appeared with a new racing game. Race Pro, developed exclusively for the X360, appeals to simulation lovers such as the GTR series and Race – the WTCC in the firm’s past.

In recent years, every time I write a Simbin play on the Internet or in print, I say that the graphics are behind today. The tradition does not change, since the producers do not interfere with the visuals except for a few light effects, the visuals are far behind today’s graphic technologies. The production, prepared with The Lizard Engine, an improved version of the engine used in SimBin’s previous games, is unfortunately not at a sufficient graphical level. If you think that visuals are important in productions with a racing theme, you will not be able to have good feelings for Race Pro.

Realistic driving experience

A complete simulation in terms of gameplay, the construction fills the eye with successful driving dynamics. As with SimBin’s other games, race Pro, which provides a realistic driving experience, can be a complete nightmare for players used to Need For Speed and similar productions. Because of realistic car physics and handling, you’re likely to pull a lot until you get used to the controls. Even users who are used to playing arcade-style productions will have to remember the location of the brake again…

Although it can’t promise fun for a long time in single player mode, Race Pro also spends a lot of fun hours in multiplayer. In a production that supports up to 12 online games, you first take a ranking tour on the Internet and thus determine your departure position. If you want to experience online Racing, Race Pro will be a nice alternative.

Successful sound effects

The music of the production, which is compatible with the Xbox steering wheels, is unfortunately not satisfactory. Just as they can’t support the atmosphere, they cause you to get bored and shut down after a while. When we focus on sound effects, we hear that vehicle noises are successful. But don’t expect too much from Race Pro anyway.

While Microsoft’s next-generation console, the Xbox360, has the racing phenomenon Forza Motorsport 2, The Race Pro probably won’t be much of a choice. Because although it has realistic dynamics in terms of gameplay, it is not as detailed and fun as Forza in general. As a result, Race Pro’s life on the Xbox360’s disk reader decreases. If you’re going to make a list of racing games to play on the console, you probably won’t put Race Pro’s name on the top. However, after completing more fun Productions, Race Pro may have a chance. If you’re a regular of the genre and can’t stop playing games, then it’s worth a try…

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