R – Type Command Review

R - Type Command

R-Type Command, one of the sound productions in the late 1980s, comes to life again on the PSP platform after quite a long time. Developed by Irem Software, instead of the floating-screen Shooter style in the first version, this time it appears as a turn-based strategy game. Obviously there are mountains of difference between both genres, and not everyone may like the new version. Because this time we should love R-Type not purely because it is R-Type, but because it is more of a turn-based strategy. In this regard, it is an inevitable fact that two separate groups will emerge as those who love the new game and those who do not.


Frankly, I thought the PSP screen would go better than an old-style 2D floating-video shooter. In this regard, it is necessary to appreciate the courage of the production company. Also, the resulting production was not bad. About twenty missions are expected to be played in Single Player mode. The missions involve fighting between the Earthlings and the Bydo Empire. In the game, where we lead an Earth commander, the main goal is to reach the center of the Byro Empire, blow up the control centers, and thus prevent their attacks on earth. Like hexagonal honeycombs, the split screen features planes and enemy troops with different features that we choose. We’re at one end of the screen, and they’re at the other end. In this respect, R-Type Command can also be likened to a tabletop game such as checkers and chess. In the production, only one can be played as the units come in line. This also applies to actions such as movement, attack, and special movement. As such, a fairly slow process occurs, and not everyone can have enough patience to wait for this slow process.

In addition to the single player mode, which takes up most of our time, there is a multiplayer that runs through Ad-Hoc mode. It is possible to enjoy multiplayer where you can fight with your friends in previously opened sections. But in multiplayer mode, since each player has thinking Times that can take a few minutes, it may be necessary to take coffee breaks when the turn passes to the opposite side. Because you have to think about your move well and play by making the right calculations. In this regard, single player is at the forefront of playability because playing against artificial intelligence both speeds up the process and reduces the likelihood of being bored.

Wait your turn!

R-Type Command comes with units with different features. Units are not only different from each other because they look different, but also because of their controls and equipment for different situations. For example, a unit specialized in dealing with other ships can be attached to other ships to cover the costs of units with needs such as health, fuel, ammunition. Although the production is contemporary, it still cannot break away from 2D. 2D areas and 2D units meet 3D rendered backgrounds. It is also clear that environmental modeling is treated and focused on a variety. 3D-modeled cinematography, which interacts at moments when units interact with each other, such as moments of war, begins to squeeze after a while because they are in a repetitive structure. But turning this feature off and on is not a big problem, since it is in your hands. In the production, where there are no real speech sounds, there are more repetitive electronic effects. In general, R-Type Command was a turn-based strategy game that we can count well. However, it is also a fact that it appeals to more patient people.


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