Quake 3: Revolution Review

Quake 3: Revolution

Id Software’s big-name FPS game on the PC, Quake III, along with a number of innovations, was also made available for the PlayStation 2 after the Dreamcast. So now PS2 owners can participate in the great FPS madness…

You fragged Hunter

It is divided into two main game modes: Revolution, Campaign and Arena, where you will play corner grabbing with your opponents in many arenas. Of these, Capmaign is an episode that only includes a single-player game mode. In Campaign mode, you choose one of the characters you want, each with different characteristics, and face your opponents throughout 26 arenas in game modes such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and so on. As long as the arenas are successful, new arenas are opening up and you can develop your character.

The second and actual game mode that makes you feel like you’re really playing Quake is the “Arena” mode. In this mode, you can choose from a total of eight game modes, such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and fight with bots, friends, or both in 35 arenas. Bots and players in each arena were given the opportunity to play up to six players. You can normally play the game on a split screen with two players and bots on demand. But with multitasking (PS2) support, you can play the game on a split screen for up to four players. That’s definitely the best part of the game. I-Link support, which allows you to combine several PS2’s, was not provided in the game. And, of course, don’t forget the weapons… The game has a total of 12 weapon options, such as Chaingun, Grenade Launcher, rocket Launcher vr BFG. So everything’s been thought out to make it a war zone.


On maps remade for PlayStation 2, it’s really fun to play Quake at very fluid speed. Moreover, this fluency continues despite high graphics quality and multiplayer support. Only long load times can create boredom for gamers who don’t like to be put on hold. The visuals that do not lag behind the PC are literally evident in single-player modes, while the details on the split screen are slightly reduced. But even in this way, the visuals are very satisfying.

The weapons and various sound effects are also extremely good. The most beautiful is the witty words that the commentator of Mortal Kombat says in the game.

No USB Keyboard / Mouse?

And perhaps the biggest question mark on minds for those who don’t play the game will be the controls. Because; ” Can an FPS game like Quake be played comfortably on a console?”his question can get in anyone’s head. Although the PS2 supports USB Keyboard and Mouse, Revolution does not have the same I-Link compatibility, as well as Keyboard and Mouse compatibility. But it is still extremely easy to master the controls in a short time with the analog sticks of the Dual Shock 2. At first, you can be a little difficult, but at the end of a few hours of playing time, there are not many problems. Of course, the controls are not enough as the indispensable Mose/keyboard duo of FPS, but still a high efficiency was taken from the PS2 controller. You can’t adjust the key configurations exactly as you want, but there are a few ready-made control options.

As a result, Quake III: Revolution will be an extremely good choice for those who want to play FPS on their PlayStation 2.

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