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puzzler collection

We’ve played dozens of different puzzle games so far. But we have encountered very few examples of the True has puzzle genre. Although it is already thought that they come across enough in real life, real puzzle games played in a virtual environment remained in a fairly minority. Maybe it’s not a hook, but Ubisoft, which thinks the puzzle should also be included on PSP, has released it for our portable platform, saving the genre from newspaper attachments.

Probably the most fun way to spend time in ancient times was to solve puzzles. Puzzler Collection has met us in a technological State, saving this old entertainment from paper and pencil, and developing it a little. As always, after we start by creating a profile, we can log into the main menu of the game. There are four main puzzle types in the production, and games consist of these genres. Let’s give you information about the content of these puzzles, which are named Fitword, Crossword, Wordsearch and Sudoku in the game. Fitword has a structure consisting of empty boxes where the words given on one side of the screen pass through each other on the other side, or where the first-Last Letters of the words are the letter of the other word. Here we rather count the number of empty boxes that make up the word and try to place words in the boxes by matching them with the number of letters of the word on the right side. To place words in boxes, use the X key to select the word first and then the empty box block that you think should be present.

Actually, there’s no need to tell me about crossword. The kind of “black puzzle” we all know best is Crossword. The screen is divided into vertical and transverse square columns. Boxes were left empty so that all the words were placed in a structure that passed through each other. As the Admiral sank, the rows and columns were named with letters and numbers. And on the side, I don’t know where the capital is? A symbol of iron? The longest river? questions such as are asked, and the answers to these questions are placed in the empty box of the row and column number specified in the question. Newspapers we fill these articles that we write with pen with the help of a virtual keyboard on PSP.

Where’s the hook puzzle?

In Wordsearch, my favorite type of slurry, there are many different words to the right of the screen, and on the right of the screen there is a table of letters that are past each other, and some of them are added to meaningless letters so that the words become difficult to find. In this table, as the letters are combined vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the words given on the right side appear. Our goal is to find the words to the right of the screen in the mixed letter table. After finding it, scan the letters that make up the word using the X key. Another type of puzzle that doesn’t need to be explained is Sudoku. Probably no one knows, doesn’t play, at least doesn’t hear. But let’s not briefly mention the latest type of paper puzzle today. There are three horizontal and three vertical boxes consisting of 3×3 square frames. Numbers from one to nine cannot exist in more than the same number of rows and columns. In addition, each 3×3 box must also contain no more than one number from 1 to 9. The aim of the game is to place missing numbers that must be present in rows and columns by using the numbers given as clues.

We talked about the four main puzzles that make up the game. These puzzles are included in modes where we can play fast immediately when we don’t have a long time, as well as in a progressive game system organized as tournaments and containing all types of puzzles. In some modes, a little more excitement and competition has been tried to create a time limit. Puzzles that can be played at three different difficulty levels can be played from the lowest level to the highest level. And don’t worry if you’re not sure about the rules. A mini training section with information that can help you is also not forgotten. And you’ll need help because you’re more stuck in the game than you don’t know the game. When faced with such a situation, it is possible to get a hint by pressing the right shoulder key.

In a game that contains 2000 different questions, it seems that it is quite difficult to encounter a question again. Although English English is scarce except for other Crossword games, in crossword you must both understand the questions asked, know the English word answer, and write the word correctly. In this regard, it can be easily said that there is also an above-average English requirement for Crossword. In terms of visual and sound, it will not be very accurate to evaluate the production from this point of view, which will not be expected much. So it would be more accurate to approach it in terms of playability. From this point of view, it is not wrong to say that the game can entertain you for a while, and then squeeze you. It was more of a production to be played to spend time deconstructing occasionally. We can say that the biggest reason for this is probably because it contains a small number of puzzles.


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