Puzzle Scape Review

Puzzle Scape

At the beginning of the game genres that do not reveal the ingenuity of PSP, but allow us to have fun time on our portable platform, comes the puzzle genre. Although they are not simple and very detailed, they can keep the good ones busy for quite a long time. The bad ones, on the other hand, are often intolerable and largely sidelined. A Puzzle Scape, on the other hand, can be seen as one that is stuck between these two lines. For a production that is neither very good nor very bad, above mediocre, below success, the phrase will be in place.

Good, bad, ugly

Looking at the Puzzle Scape download, it has an image that is a little simple, but looks pretty good. But as with almost all puzzle games, they can come across as games that work quite well and well on paper, but do not have as much playability in practice. For this reason, it is necessary to go into a little more detail without being fooled by its image. Puzzle Scape can actually be seen as a bit of a contrast to Tetris and Lumines games with floating blocks from above and exploding matching blocks. In the construction, there is a screen that can fit sixteen blocks horizontally and thirteen blocks vertically. As expected, if the blocks are filled to the end of the screen, the section is considered lost. In the game, where we play with blocks in front of a slightly strange background and music playing in the taste of Techno, the blocks are left from above with a certain time and music. If sixteen squares on the horizontal are filled, the new blocks begin to fill up on the top step. We are trying to create squares consisting of the same color as two by changing the locations of the blocks. Blocks made of the same colors are trying to clean all blocks by applying the method of destruction in the same way by sitting on them or newly arrived blocks in the place that opens as no.

When we create a two-by-two block group, the groups that we create from the same colored blocks located next to or near this block also allow larger areas to be opened. It also depends a little on our reflexes and attention. Because the block group that was first detonated does not explode immediately, they explode only a few seconds after being put together. During this time, larger demolitions were achieved by moving other blocks of the same color nearby to include them in the first group. In fact, this situation requires playing with a little vision ahead. Because preparing other parts around you to explode without combining the first group with the whole one makes it easier to put more blocks together with the creation of the first group.

Final details

The backgrounds and music are said to be interactive with the game. Accompanying music in the genre of Techno and dance creates a very fidgety atmosphere. But because the animations playing in the background are struggling with blocks, it is not possible to notice much. In this regard, there is not much interactivity. However, after completing the section, you were given the ability to take screenshots or save background animations to PSP. In Architect, which is the two main single-player game modes in the production, mission-based games are played, while in Artist mode, the game is played free. In multiplayer mode, the build unfortunately required all players to have their Umds in their hands. For this reason, Game sharing is not supported by construction. It is possible to play various multiplayer modes with friends who have their own games. Puzzle Scape in general will allow you to have fun for a while, but it has been a creation that is neither very good nor very bad. It can be recommended to those who love the genre.


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