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puzzle pack

So far, we have reviewed games in many puzzle genres developed for the PlayStation Portable. Some of them were quite fun, and some were quite boring. It wasn’t the first time we had played. Even some productions, whose history dates back to the Commodore 64 or Amiga, sometimes come to life again on PSP, sometimes wearing makeup and embellishing, sometimes leaving it almost as it was. But we agreed on something in common. It was obvious that even the games we used to play, which had no story or great graphics in their content, could still entertain us. Puzzle Pack, on the other hand, changes the concept a little bit compared to others and collects a few games that we have fun with on PSP under one roof.

As I mentioned above, the Puzzle Pack is not actually a new game. In fact, he clearly states what his name contains. But we don’t understand it at first glance, as we are used to seeing a new game with every new title. The Puzzle Pack contains three games that have previously been released on PSP. We said three games, and which ones are these? Lemmings with pictures, Go when we reach the main menu of the Puzzle pack! Sudoku and Go! We see Puzzle games. After you decide which of these three main games to play, you make your choice and log in to the main menu of that game. Because the profiles of each production are different, save files are also different.


Lemmings and Go! Since Sudoku handles one main topic in their content, no matter what mode we enter, what we play basically doesn’t change. But the funny thing is, Go! Creating a Puzzle in itself is also divided into three main puzzle games from the main menu. For this reason, it can be easily said that the number of games we can actually play in the Puzzle pack is six in total. Not to mention that games have different modes within themselves. Of these three main titles, the most popular is Lemmings. Because it would be appropriate to know that his past goes back to the Commodore – Amiga era. Lemmings has a pretty fun structure. The subject matter is simple, but the content and gameplay are enjoyable, although not so simple. Our goal is to make a certain number of rats use the limited material we have to ensure that they reach the exit point safely. In a game with a Platform structure, for example, if they fall from a high ground, they first light an umbrella in their hands, or give them a pickaxe if they need to go downstairs. A detailed review of the game can be found here. Go! As I mentioned, Puzzle is divided into three main games: Swizzle Blocks, Aquatica and Skyscraper. If we need to sum up these three titles, they’re all a little advanced Tetris, a little Dr.You could say they’re Mario. But they’re not that simple, and they have some pretty fun gameplay. As with lemmings, you can find a detailed review of this production here.

It’s a game Sudoku that I haven’t reviewed before, but most of us know. Go! A production called Sudoku, as you’ve noticed, Go! It is not difficult to understand that it is the dough of the same firm as the Puzzle. Go! Sudoku will have a difference from the normal puzzle structure that I can share with you. When we reach the main menu of the production, we can play a single game from Solo Sudoku. With pass Sudoku, we play multi-person sudoku on the same PSP. In Wireless Sudoku, different people participate in our game via a wireless connection from their PSP.

Teach me Sudoku appeals to volunteers who have no idea about this puzzle and want to learn it. No matter which mode we choose, we encounter another screen that requires us to choose. From this screen, we enter brain training by changing the difficulty level, background animation and puzzle number according to our preferences. In modes played with many people, the difference is that we also choose the number of players on this screen. The difference in content is that everyone has to make their move within a certain period of time, and in the event of a timeout, the Queue passes to the next player. It can be comfortably said that they are quite pleasant in the construction of all three main. Having each in a different style will also prevent the tendency to be bored in a short time. Those who have previously given money to games sold separately will rightly be a little annoyed by this situation. But getting three (or even 6) games in one package seems to be quite a profitable purchase.


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