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puzzle guzzle

Although Puzzle games are considered easy to make, there are not many productions of this genre that have endeared themselves to the audience of players. Balances for this genre, which we can meet with the name puzzle in Turkish, are almost like a acrobat on a rope. From productions that are expected to be as complex as simple, they are also asked to be so original. In summary, making a game of this type can be compared to doing a lot of work with little material.

Puzzle Guzzle, released by Irem Software, promises enjoyable hours to play on the PSP platform. As with most puzzle games, Puzzle Guzzle has a gameplay similar to Tetris in a way. Each block has a certain geometric shape on the grid-shaped split screen. Blocks cannot be moved to different locations, but can be used by rotating them on their axes. These blocks, which are usually large and small in the form of triangles, are brought to the correct positions and try to create different geometric blocks. Blocks, often created as rectangles, give more points as they get complicated. The new shape created disappears and new shapes descend from above.


There are basically three main game modes in the build. These are Drop Puzzle, Stuffit Puzzle and Quiz Puzzle. In drop Puzzle Mode, a geometric block is dropped from above with certain time intervals. You are asked to destroy and collect points by creating shapes before the screen is full. In Stuffit Puzzle Mode, the screen is full. What is requested of us is to try to collect the most points by creating the maximum number of shapes within the specified time.

Quiz Puzzle is a mode based on running a little more intelligence. Mixed images can occur by continuing pre-placed blocks. But the blocks that will be placed here must be carefully selected and placed. Because some blocks can be destroyed depending on each other, the move can disrupt the next course. All modes can be played alone, as well as playing against the PSP with the CPU control of one by giving two separate puzzles on the screen. In addition, the construction also allows you to play Multiplayer via Game sharing and Ad-Hoc. A nice advantage is that game sharing, which allows you to play with your friends with a single original UMD, is in the making.

Thanks to the Puzzle Editing mode, we can create new puzzles belonging to the Quiz Puzzle Mode. We have a mascot who accompanies us through the puzzles. At the beginning of the game, our mascot has his own voice, even his personality. However, in our races against the processor, there is also a mascot representing the PSP. If we beat, the features of the PSP mascot go to our house, and we can edit our own mascot as we want from a catalog of characters that we are gradually expanding. Although it is discussed how necessary it is in a Puzzle game, it is also not overlooked that it has fun sides. In terms of graphics, there is not much need to say, there are elements and graphics that contain the classic puzzle structure. It’s the same in terms of sounds. Puzzle Guzzle, which has a good level of playability, offers a different alternative for puzzle lovers.

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