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After all these years, the FIFA series turns out to be completely different for the PC and completely different for the console. Because of the lack of an average of systems in the PC environment, all kinds of configurations can be made, and due to financial concerns, the producers have not been able to visually feed the players for many years. A few self-defeating games that came out could only be experienced by certain parts. Companies that make games for the console saw this gap very well and made games in various styles. Here is one of them, Pure, a production that offers different tastes, made wildly artistic with ATV engines…

If I didn’t have mud all over me when I was racing on a beautiful ATV tool…

Pure, looking at the cover picture, looks like an ordinary racing game like the others. The market is especially Mimi in this genre of Offroad and extreme racing games. For years, there has been no simple and fun production that has done its job beautifully. Black Rock Studio will be taken on this issue, which they wanted to stir things up a little with Pure, and it’s a good thing they did.

Under the name of the world tour, fantastic tracks with countries such as America, Italy have been prepared. First, you choose a character that is ready for yourself, then you make your own ATV with a very detailed and simple interface from the first skeleton stage to the seat decks. After that, you start races consisting of a total of 10 groups. In these groups, the number of races increases as you progress, starting with 4 races. After passing a certain score, the next stage opens. Races aren’t just flat races. There is another genre in which you make artistic moves and collect points, based only on points, compete for first place straight, and are created by holding these two together. You don’t need a specific amount of money or points when preparing your ATV. It’s possible to build multiple ATVs. You can make different vehicles for different race types. For a race based on artistic Points, you can make a vehicle that is more prone to handling and artistic, and for races, you can make an ATV that can accelerate more quickly and quickly.

The controls are very simple. The sections are designed with heights and ramps that allow you to fly constantly. When you jump from here,you move when you hold down the A,B, Y keys in the air and take the analog in any direction. A is a simple, short high altitude moves that bring little points, while B is a little more difficult, Y is serious height and according to him, plenty of points return to the eye makes the most pleasant movements. As long as you successfully land in one piece, the bar at the bottom right fills up and you can perform artistic movements at the top level. As the race wins, engine parts are given as prizes. You can always go to your garage and plug these parts into your engine. The difficulty rating within the game is also very well adjusted. After you don’t fall too much, you become first or second in almost every race. Artificial intelligence you don’t just compete straight, you also enjoy the game thoroughly enjoy the logic is not very difficult.

In the end live

The runways are really designed very colorful and moving. Everything is chirping. Sometimes there are races at sunrise, sometimes at sunset. At the end of the race, when you started immaculately, you were complete mud, and the tire tracks of you and a few riders, if not every racer, remained in the mud small but pleasant details. I haven’t seen such beautiful racetracks in a long time. Usually, there are multiple different ways. When you find the right one, you jump more, jump, score, and in other directions, you press the gas straight and continue. But these are very well balanced. It doesn’t give an advantage, as it will affect the race in two types. Races are usually held with 20 people. With all the characters on the screen at the same time, there is not the slightest slowdown with the correct optimizations. The perimeter chart is both very clear and sharp. Made as far away as possible. In some graphics engines, the distance appears blurred, not clear, so that there is no slowdown in instant visuals. The music is very well adapted to the game. Mostly moving songs were chosen. But when you jump in very high places, if you make a great artist, the music stops momentarily and there is silence. As you land, the action continues where it left off. Pure has also managed to extend game time with multiplayer options. You can make special races and organize tournaments with your friends from your own channel through Xbox Live.


Pure is well ahead of the games in its category available on the market. It is very successful both with its simple gameplay and quality and smooth graphics. It was a long-term and fun production that didn’t require much effort, you were rewarded every time you won a race, you could improve your engine. For those who stay away from this style, with its simple gameplay, easy controls, eye-pleasing visuals, moving music, I think it is a suitable and successful game.


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