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pure pinball

What makes pinball, or as it is popularly called, Fox, so appealing? ” Boing boing ” sounds? Our sympathy for balls? Or is it that the metal ball that bounces off the madly fluttering pegs that slip on the ramps and hits you left and right and earns you points, while presenting a game with a story within the frame of your imagination?

These simple gaming machines, which were indispensable for gaming halls years ago, were then left to dust on the edge in the back corners of the halls with high-graphics games taking their heads off and game consoles entering every house. Game makers, who went back to the old days when the valuation of everything that was lost or forgotten was naturally met, first on the PC and then on various consoles, released countless tilt games. Some try to stay true to the truth and reflect the atmosphere of the arcades.; they took different approaches by decorating the game with fantastic elements. Although it never reaches very serious sales figures, pinball is always a game that has a separate place in the hearts of game lovers, and it will always remain so.

Ideal for relieving stress

Pure Pinball, The first Xbox example of pinball games that have previously appeared on different gaming platforms, is a typical tilt game with 4 different tables that try to keep realism at the forefront. At the beginning of the game, you choose the desired one from 4 different tables and start madly pressing the keys to get the highest score. 4 tables are not in structures separated from each other by such sharp lines, but none of them look like the other. As a general structure, it is always the same, but because of tilt games, a game consisting of two buttons that control the latches is very different. Let’s explain a little about these four different tables: Our First Table, The Runaway Train; a table with ramps and train tracks. This platform, which looks a little more complicated than other tables, is the most suitable for combos to collect points. Excessive Speed; it has been moved to the tilt table of the race track. At this table, which wants to take the fastest laps and put laps on other vehicles, you take a lap every time you pass the ramps on the right and left sides. World War; a table that portrays World War II, as its name suggests. At this table, where we must imagine that we kill soldiers, fight tanks, use ramps and make combos, it is very important to score high points. Our last table is Hyper Space. At this table, we will imagine that we are doing a great chase through space. Every time we pass the ramps, we will make a size jump, and if we reach the section in the upper right corner, we will be able to collect a lot of points.

Where’s the difference in that?

So, what makes this game different from its counterparts and the feature that will make it worth money? I can certainly say it’s the closest tilt game to reality since I played in arcades years ago. If you come to the mode where you will zoom the most when searching to capture cameras from different angles, you can see that the table contains an incredible number of details. For example, metal propellers that are at the beginning of each ramp and rotate directly proportional to the speed of the ball’s passage continue to move for a long time in accordance with the rules of physics, just as in real life, and slow down with realistic acceleration. And so is our ball. We can successfully move our incredibly realistic moving ball as we get used to using the pegs at the right time. The main thing is that no matter how much you try to play the same game, the game is never like the round you played before. I think that’s the most important thing that makes tilt attractive.

Let’s move on to technical issues

Pure Pinball, one of the rare tilt games on the Xbox console, shows an image that is very suitable for both the graphics quality of the console and the classification of tilt games. It is impossible to separate the detailed graphics of the tables and the sections equipped with colorful lights from the fact. It’s all good quality. Especially our metal ball and the real-time reflections on it are admirable. With about 20 different camera angles, you can choose the image that you will most dominate the table. In short, graphically, the game does not have much of a minus. As for the sounds, all I can say is that they are quite realistic. In general, the sounds that scratch the ears and “thakir tukur” convey our noisy game play in the arcades. The music is different at each table and in a style appropriate to its concept.

Multiplayer mode up to 4 people can play at the same time in the game that is not missed. But everyone has to wait for the previous player to finish their round. Another multi-game mode is Xbox Live! system. In this way, you can share the records you make on the tables over the internet and qualify to enter the lists around the world.

As a result, Pure Pinball is a game that can only be played in the name of distraction, without thinking about anything when you come home in the evening, who wants to play tilt on his console. A tilt game offers neither less nor more than expected. His only goal is to be realistic, and I’d say he did it very well.


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