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It is worth saying in advance without babbling; although he seems to have a psychotoxic, charismatic name, he is unfortunately crawling on the floor. I’ve witnessed such a disappointment in FPS, my favorite genre, before in Daikatana. Nothing developed as I expected, and as a result, it took its place on my dusty shelf, never to be played again. The fate of psychotoxic will be no different, because it does everything visually to cool itself.

There’s a classic apocalyptic conversation. It’s 2022, and we’re checking out a lady named Angel Prophet. Our goal is to eliminate the main guy named Aaron along with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. For some reason, we can’t easily understand how we are connected to this topic, which is not very creative. In the main menu, there are not many settings or key combinations to be made. But it is worth saying that this game, which does not have such super graphics, has a very high potential for contraction on some machines, the reason is unclear.

What happened I came

Before we know what we are, we just dive in. We start in an office. When we look at the graphics, we can easily understand that they are not very high quality. The objects are quite elaborate and dry. As a test, I decided to shoot objects in the room and check the physics engine. I shot the TV and saw his window break, but it didn’t mean anything to me because it was broken in a way that was programmed and not in real time, especially physically incompatible with the real thing. After that, I shot at one of the books on the wall, although it was standing in an unrelated place, and a few more fell behind it with it. So, you see, the rule of physics is not in real time, and in parallel, it has nothing to do with the truth.

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I took the Blue Key found in the room and opened the door. I don’t know what color card you already have throughout the game, and we’ll deal with things like find that color door and open it. As soon as I opened the door, a man stood in front of me. I fired two shots. After that, the guy took such a shape that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I put aside the hesitation of whether he was dead or not, the man took shape as if he were doing yoga. In this case I couldn’t stop laughing. It is possible to encounter many more graphic errors similar to this and funny. In areas where we can interact, our on-screen crosshair turns into a hand sign. We have gun slots in the top corner of the screen, this place is divided into different gun groups. We can only carry one of each weapon group. We can take the enemy’s, but if we have another weapon from the same group, it replaces the one we just bought. So we can’t carry a Magnum and a silencer at the same time.

Using the word “none” for artificial intelligence would be the most logical interpretation. When the enemies see us, their hands and feet are entangled together and they start making strange strange movements. They do strange somersaults or run unconscious for no reason. In addition, however, they also have the ability to shoot from behind the walls, even from the most impossible angles and distances, for some reason, they can make accurate shots. There’s an artificial intelligence that’s pretty out of tune and irrational. It’s possible that you’ll be angry and even angry. There’s no direct death when he’s shot in the head. As I understand it, enemies have constant numbers of shots, and when they get shot at that number, they die in shape. Some fold in half, some die like sit-ups, and some start practicing yoga as I mentioned earlier.

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Bug ridden this game

Errors are not only graphical, Psychotoxic has plenty of technical and programming errors. One of the most interesting things that happens to me during the game is that I’m immortal out of the Blue. I had 1 life left, and if they blew, I would die. But even though I was surrounded by enemies, for some reason they couldn’t shoot me when they fired. I got to the bottom of it, even left the keyboard and waited right in the middle. Interesting, but I didn’t die. After that, I had an idea in my head that after 1 Life is left, it becomes strangely immortal. But after a few years, I realized that it wasn’t really like that. I’ve seen them crack when they want to, even behind walls and in interesting places. It is impossible to understand how this strange error occurred. Moreover, after the partition downloads are complete, the game can throw you into Windows and you may have to enter from the beginning.

Even the sound effects grin, or rather, it was never worked out. The enemies we encounter usually form the same sentences and do not say any other words. There’s a strange music playing in the back, but it’s not the kind that gets you excited. We also have a special power in the game. We can use it with the Power of the Angel feature, but the Force option located above our health below also decreases in parallel.


Psychotoxic, ” how should a chain of errors be in an FPS?”he creates the best answer to his question. There are so many serious mistakes that even with patch, I’m guessing he won’t be able to play the game again for us anymore if it’s fixed. Unfortunately Psychotoxic has been a solid disappointment for us.

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