Pro Evolution Soccer Management Review

pro evolution soccer management

Pro Evolution Soccer fanatics like me, after reading the first three words of the work, I’m sure they want to put six figures next to it. But we’ll have to wait a little longer for that. Let’s all see if Konami, who carries the flag in the field of football, has been able to show the same success in the field of management.

He begins his career by selecting a team from the leagues of Italy, Germany, Spain, England, France and the Netherlands. But as you will notice when choosing a team, not all teams have been licensed. Even the names of many players in addition to the teams are not correct. After this poor first impression, the fact that the squad of the team you selected is not up to date is really a huge disappointment for the manager’s game. We rely on the name of the work and continue. After you become the head of your chosen team, we talk to the president of the team and various authorized people. After learning about the team’s expectations, we choose a secretary and a suit that we will wear in interviews, and move on to the main menu. The main menu here is actually quite simple and convenient. A slightly improved menu that we use in the PES series “Master League”was used. The tactical adjustment section again does not contain any different details than the PES series we know. After adjusting your tactics, you can organize the team’s training program. I can say that setting up a training program is quite simple and quite beautiful. According to your coaches, they can tell you about your players ‘ performances. In addition to the PES series, your players can now be injured in training. So I would advise you not to burden your athletes too much when adjusting your training schedule. In this respect, I can say that it is like the FM series, which has become a school in the branch of manager.

Thanks to your observers, you can make your opposing team watch before matches. You can see their weaknesses, their star players. You can also send your observers on a young talent hunt or ask them to watch other footballers. In addition, you can call a player you don’t like his performance and talk to him. In the same way, for example, for more transfer budgets, you can go to talk to the president. The Transfer section is not very different from Pes5, but it seemed to me that the transfer was a little easy. It’s not as realistic as in the FM series. After preparing your team for the league and determining your tactics, let’s take a look at the matches if you want. Matches are played using the PES 5 engine. As a coach, you can’t do anything but give tactics from the edge. Here comes one of the biggest cons of the work. Matches are so monotonous that you are almost tortured to see that the tactic you give cannot be applied properly. You can even enjoy watching amateur cluster matches more. After I’ve already done a few games, I’m like, “Oh, I was going to be there..”you are likely to create sentences in the style, save the game and immediately open PES 5. At half-time, your coach offers you a number of suggestions, but you’d better not listen. Although it doesn’t matter much. No matter what you do without noticing your tactics or the coach’s suggestion, at some point the job comes out of coaching and turns into an artificial intelligence fight based entirely on the powers of players. When you realize you don’t have any influence on the match, you get cold feet.

After the matches are over, we can go to the press conference. At first, I was quite hopeful because press conferences were a feature that I felt was lacking among alternatives. But when you realize that the essence of press conferences is nothing more than pressing the X key at regular intervals, you will be a little more upset. We keep doing the same things every week after we get back on the menu. We examine the opponent, organize our tactics, train and go back to the match. It’s already starting to repeat itself at some point.

PES: Management is a work of Konami that uses the name PES and appeals to its fan base. But as if he was in a bit of a hurry and sloppy. He can’t go beyond being crushed, especially between his rivals such as FM, CM and FIFA Manager. When watching matches, you get bored and turn on PES 5 and play. Even if you want to explore players, it’s pretty boring to search among names that aren’t licensed. You can trust the name PES and at least give it a chance, but it won’t be more than a waste of time. After making a maximum of ten matches, you are likely to open either FM or PES 5 and shelve Pro Evolution manager. But because we know the capacity of the Konami company, I predict that they will fall even further next year, and I believe that good things can come out.

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