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pro evolution soccer 3

The new king is the next touchstone of football legends…

Make a note of this date, because Fifa, which has been crawling us for years and has cut, mowed and clothed the same fabric because it is not a rival, has died as of a few days ago. Konami, who gave the answer to FIFA, which has dragged us in places for years, was our guest with ISS3 a while ago.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3, the new king, is the next touchstone of football legends, coming from a nation far from football but the center of technology; Silent Hill, Metal Gear, which came out of a company that owns masterpieces such as Pro Evolution Soccer 3.

In fact, there are so many things to say and so few flaws to say that a person is stunned when playing PES3. It is obvious what has become of the Fifa disease that has been stuck in our heads for years, enslaving our computers. Let alone a little correction in the game graphics that we have still been playing for years, playing on menus and continuing to be driven in front of us without working on reality… Fortunately, PES3 comes and says,” Stop.”

This game is designed to stick people to the screen!

I don’t know how many footballers you are, but I’m not. I can clearly and comfortably say that the material that eleven people are chasing, and the rectangle that needs to be inserted, is not attractive to me at all. But I’ll tell you what, just as sweet tongue pulls a snake out of its hole, this game is designed to make a person a football player, to stick it to the screen.

Once again, you can see the difference in the opening game from the head. It’s obvious that the guys are working to push the boundaries of what you call a video game. If we put the menus aside and look at the moment when we enter the game, it’s almost hard for those next to you to even notice that they’re not watching a real match after using the camera smart. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun moments on my first attempt, and thank my friends who gave me this fun…

The faces and facial expressions of the characters are also very similar to reality. “Nihat from the background when playing with the Turkish national team in the first match… Nihat…”I couldn’t believe the type of Nihat who came to the field between his chants. Believe me, the truth could only be so beautiful!

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In fact, it was necessary to somehow answer those who thought that the console was the king of this business. Fortunately, Konami heard and felt our pleas. At first glance, PlayStation 2 owners will be no stranger to the game, as there are keyboards, a loading screen, settings and menus suitable for the console arms. But when you enter the game, the incredulity in the graphics, the comfort in the gameplay, and dozens of other reasons officially snap in the console’s faces. Now we have a football that is well done for us.

For example, the cameras were bad and the person could not be comfortable (although it was better than FIFA anyway) because the ISS3, which came a while ago, was unfortunately translated from the PS2 with the same protection. As for today, we are looking for goals with a PES3 where the entire keyboard can be adjusted, the resolution can be changed both in detail and in resolution, and the cameras can be played according to our head.

Determined to entertain

PES3 is also determined to entertain us for hours at the beginning of the machine with tons of game modes (there are trophies, leagues, championships and more, of course). Once the game is a real football simulation. So there’s a game equation that’s so simple, pass and pass; but do it to set up the game. If all you have in mind is scoring goals, you’re probably being ruled out. The penalty for the movements made is heavy, the game is generally in midfield control and certainly almost every tournament cannot be won. During the game, you should not open the ball more than your foot, you should calculate well when your man will get tired. Before shooting, you should definitely pay attention to where your man is looking, if you are going to pass, whether you have friends in that direction. In addition, it should not forget that the time you press the button and your strike power are directly proportional. So the longer you press the button, the more the ball will go to the mountains to the stones.

Gameplay aside, chants and music are another factor that will connect you to the game. I gave an example of the chants in the first place, and I assure you, they are not jokes. He can listen to our national anthem, “Turkey… Turkey…” you can look for goals in a stadium that moans, or you can walk past a crowd of fans who say, “Long Live, Long Live.” So here is the fun.

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Keep in mind that animations will also allow you to connect to the game. The ball never slides as if it’s on the rail in front of your foot like in the Fifa series, because you’re really dribbling in the game! For example, if your goalkeeper does not get the speed after lying on the ground and hits his head on the pole, he pats his head because his head hurts… you will say that there are such things in every football game; yes, there are, but I bet you have never seen such a realistic one. Frankly, I didn’t see the goalkeeper patting the head while passing in defense after two attacks, who still threw his head at the post. It’s good that technology teaches…

About the cons in the game… yes, the fact that it was bought from PS2 gives the game a console vibe, and that leaves a question mark about what it will face at first. In the key adjustments section, unfortunately, there is only a picture of the PS2 controller. Instead, it would have been better if we had a choice. For example, I tried a lot of keys until I set the run and pass keys. Then, for example, the advantage still can not be solved, that is, passive offside, taking the ball from a foul and continuing, such as the elements that keep the game warm still do not exist. I don’t think we’ll see them for a while.

Another problem with the game is that it was released as a DVD. The secret of the game is that it’s successful enough to get a DVD drive. Of course, look around, and you’ll find a CD version.

And do we recommend the game? If you can read it all the way here, I can tell you to run and get the game. They probably left the post midway through and went to get the game, which we pay our respects to. I mean, now we have a game of football whose quality is at the level it should be. In the game of football that has deceived us for years, the new king has already buried him.

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