Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

pes 2009

PES 6 won the acclaim of all players with its playability. But in terms of graphics, there was the expectation of a new generation of players. With PES 2008, Konami met this expectation. PES 2008 was good on the chart, but there were deficits in some places. It was a production with a lot of errors in ball physics and playability. The physics of the ball was so bad that the ball that hit the players bounced irrelevant, the long thrown balls going like a guided missile. Konami admitted his mistake. The turning point should have been PES 2009.

Evolution 2009

On the one hand, the producers thought about correcting the mistakes in PES 2008, and on the other hand, they came to the conclusion that there should be innovations. The licensing issue was always going to be in PES. Because EA had bought all the rights to some leagues, and Konami couldn’t do anything. The biggest complaint of players about PES was these licensing incidents. Konami did what he did and bought the UEFA Champions League license for 4 years. Konami, who could not please us very much in the licensing event, unfortunately failed to show his license success in the Champions League in the leagues. Only a few teams from the English League are licensed. Teams other than them still have logo and name issues. The German league is again no.

Menu and music

You can see that Konami is committed to change. Now we’re rid of those old arcade-style menus. It’s a very nice, unusual menu. The change in the menu focused not only on the background, but also on the music; a beautiful soundtrack was added to the structure. When you open the Champions League mode, the famous Champions League music plays, which is a very nice detail. The modes are in order; UEFA Champions League, Exhibition, Become a Legend, Master League, League-Cup and Network. Become a Legend in mod that doesn’t look familiar to us here. Konami was very focused on this mode without leaving the production. It’s been advertised a lot. It left a question mark in their minds. Was there going to be a Master League-quality mode?

As soon as I opened the production, I entered Become a legend out of curiosity. As the name suggests, our goal in this mode is to make a footballer a legend. When I opened the mode, I came across a very detailed character creation screen. We start with an ordinary team, an ordinary force (in an overly powerless way) after we have made all kinds of adjustments to our footballer. You’re 17 and you have to show your skills. You’ve been playing practice matches many times. You’re trying to prove yourself. Maybe you’re playing a game in the hope of being a backup and starting a game on the bench. The match is being played and you are waiting to get into the game. The job of entering the match does not happen immediately, of course, many matches are played, and you watch from the edge. Then as you improve yourself, you can go into matches. Each match you earn experience points and your footballer’s characteristics improve. By the way, transfer offers are coming to you. You’re evaluating them, too. You go to bigger clubs. You’re struggling to get into the ACE Team. You’re trying to show yourself. Become a Legend Mod has been really successful. Made immersive and realistic.

When we look at other modes, they have the same features that we were used to. The novelty of the lone menu is that the team and jersey options make the modes more visually attractive. The League-Cup was separate from the previous series. The lag problem in multiplayer was a big problem for users in PES 2008. In 2009, this problem was also overcome.


As I mentioned in the first paragraph, the general comment of the players was that PES 2008 was worse than PES 6 in terms of playability. Konami must have heeded the players ‘ complaints; this time they were seriously leaning on playability. All the problems we complained about in PES 2008 have been studied. Deficiencies have been corrected. Ball physics adjusted, passes accelerated. By saying that passes are accelerated, the speed at which players throw passes is increased. Before, we were passing in very heavy ways in a difficult position. In 2009, he was eliminated. More pleasant details have been included in the wrist movements of the players. Some players have added free-kick styles. Penalty kicks are modified, more difficult to score, and goalkeepers can sometimes score even though they know the corner.

The speed of the game has been reduced. Footballers ‘ formations have been overhauled. You don’t find it very clear anymore. A development I like is on airborne passes. The development of the ball’s physics contributed greatly to it. You can throw very realistic passes, and the impact on playability is great. In addition, it is a noticeable fact that artificial intelligence is more productive than previous series. Managing a single player in Become a Legend mode has a great contribution to the development of artificial intelligence. Because in a match where you play a single player, artificial intelligence displays absurd football will make the game boring. For this reason, it is a fact that more work is being done.

Graphics, sound and atmosphere

Although there are no radical changes in the graphics, there have been changes in small details. Jersey wrinkles, footballer faces, pitch coverage have been made more realistic. The music is more successful than the previous series. But in terms of atmosphere and sound, Konami again fell short. We never felt that stat atmosphere in PES, which made the match match, increased the pleasure. That’s what happened this year. Again, we see boring and insensitive audience reactions.


PES 2009 was a really successful production. 2008’s playability shortage has completely lifted. A more enjoyable gameplay has come. The lag problem in the multiplayer has been overcome. The menu has been completely changed. Deficiencies have been corrected. In short, I can say that it was definitely better than 2008.

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