Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Review

pro evolution soccer 2008

When it comes to Pro Evolution Soccer, it is FIFA that comes to mind first, or it is equally possible to say the opposite. Each other’s arch-enemies continue to run the ball on the PC and console platforms, as always. Before PES 2008, we conducted a PSP review of FIFA Soccer 08. Now it’S time for PES 2008…

In general, we see that the squad that makes up the core modes of the game is preserved. Master League, Cup, World Tour, League, Match and Training modes are seen in the main menu. The World Tour mode is only available on PlayStation 2 and PSP. Master League mode is a mode in which we handle management and contain more management content. In our management, where the” money talks ” rule works, you can see estimated Team earnings and buy new players accordingly. In the production, which is hosted by 52 teams, we have the option to create and include our own players in the teams, as always. In Training mode, simple and advanced controls are beautifully given.


PES 2008 comes across a new understanding of artificial intelligence that we can call Teamvision – team vision. Teamvision can also be summarized as players who adapt or react to the way you play. In this way, the opposing team players, managed by the PSP processor, constantly leave you to think and be creative. For this reason, you may need to change tactics frequently during the game. Opponents who learn your counterattacks and cover your weak spot are also pushing your defense more than ever. However, it is observed that your team players also settle more brilliantly on the field. They’re running to fill in the gaps, creating better positions for passes and attacks. When we approach it from this angle, the production shows that it is on its way to becoming a football simulation. Thanks to the World Tour mode, we get the opportunity to meet international teams. Besiktas and Fenerbahce, Turkey and Galatasaray are among the teams to be glad.

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The Multiplayer mode appears to have been partially removed in the game. The pleasure of playing matches with your friends over Ad-hoc is untouched. Online mode has been completely removed. PES 2008 does a very successful job on PSP visually. Player animations are extremely fluid and beautiful. Blur, which occurs occasionally in rapid transition scenes, can be ignored. In the production, which is also at a satisfactory level as a frame Rate, you can see corners in the players ‘ face modeling and body graphics. A situation that can be considered normal for a handheld console. The visual presentations of the matches, especially during the start, were a little boring. When we approach it in terms of sounds and music, we see that we don’t have an announcer describing the match. This creates a feeling of emptiness in the match, as the fans make too much noise and it is impossible not to hear anything but their voice.

In general, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 manages to take the series one step further. It is indisputable that it has some shortcomings, but it would also be wrong to expect a PC capacity from a handheld console. A production that football lovers should not miss.

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