Pro Evolution Soccer 2 Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2

Dozens of games have been made about football, the most popular sport in the world. Among these games, no matter what anyone says, the most well-known is EA SPORTS ‘ FIFA series. Every fall, you go to the computer guy, ‘brother, did FIFA come out?’ he asked. If the answer is yes, the person who is excited enough to give all the money on it takes the game without thinking and goes to play. But there are some who, every year, start looking for a new game instead of playing FIFA, which is a copy of the previous one. If a person has ‘Winning Eleven’ or ‘ Pro Evolution Soccer’ in their hands during this search process, that person will never play FIFA again, nor will they go to the computer for years after that and ask questions about FIFA. The ‘he’ in this story is me and those who are currently playing Pro Evolution Soccer. My goal in this small example is not to disparage the FIFA series, but to glorify the football phenomenon created by Konami.!

Beckham style 3. type hits

The biggest factor in Pro Evolution Soccer’s growing player base is undoubtedly its realistic gameplay. The controls of the new game are almost the same as the first, but as with every game, there are a number of innovations here. Curved passes, flexible movements, brand new middle and strutting forms are some of them. It is no longer easy to score goals because artificial intelligence is highly developed, so you must make organized and rational attacks. So from now on you’ll have to think more like a manager or a footballer than a player. As always, the game has a Training option that will help you master the controls again. However, a new mode called ‘Umbro Challenge’ has been added to training. This mode allows us to participate in various activities such as rat, target shooting and dribbling in the middle.

There are a total of 14 stadiums in the game, six of which are new. The new stadiums look nice overall, but most are not familiar. The most famous among them is ‘Old Trafford’, which is referred to as the inferno of Manchester United. Among such innovations, the old stadiums have had their share. The floor of all of them has been changed to match reality and the quality of the coverings has been improved (the floor in the last game has been quite beautiful in Catalonia Stadium). In the game, there are 107 different teams, including Turkey and Galatasaray. But there are huge shortcomings in the teams. For example, there is no Ferdinand at Manchester United and no Ronaldo at Real Madrid. Yes, there are deficiencies in the staff, but Konami has prepared a beautiful Edit Mode that will make us forget all this. Thanks to this mode, you will again be able to make various changes to all teams and players. Although you don’t need to make changes to the players because they focused too much on them, as in the last game. In particular, they have modeled star players such as David Beckham one-on-one (from their physical characteristics to the way they hit the ball)! But to tell you the truth, the only issue that FIFA 2003 is ahead of, albeit less than PES 2, is player modeling. In other words, FIFA 2003’s player modeling is a little more realistic and pleasant to the eye.

Short Rusts In A Narrow Space

As always, there are Master leagues outside of cups and leagues. As many of you know, he will choose a club here, 3 with the B team.starting with the league, you will receive money per game earned. With this money, you will be able to buy star players and strengthen your team. But making money is not as easy as it used to be. You ask why? Because if you lose points now, you will also lose money. And when you run out of money, it’ll be Game over. Yes, your job is more difficult now, but from now on, one way to make money is cup matches, thanks to these extra matches, you can increase your income and hire players that you find fit for your budget. Before I forget, apart from all these innovations, there is a small management department inside the Master League. Thanks to this section, you will be able to configure many features of your team (don’t expect a Championship Manager, albeit a small one!).

Pro Evolution Soccer 2’de the most favorite feature brought to the game ‘away’ understanding. You will now be booed, whistled and pressured in away matches. In addition, you will be able to stop your opponent by pulling him out of his jersey, leaning on him in air balls, and throwing shoulders in double fights. Here are all these innovations combined with the wonderful graphics of the game, you get carried away. The jersey of all teams, especially the National, looks very beautiful. How much is it? Enough to make a bad team choose just because their jersey is beautiful!

Football Recital

Because of the narrowness of our place, I tried to briefly explain the game to you, although I would like to write ‘a great game, go and get it’ in big letters, even if I did not write a review of such a game, but I do not have such a chance. As a result, considering the sentence written in huge letters that you read in the top line, make the decision yourself!

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