Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within Review

Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within

It was a game that managed to bring us back to the magic of the action’s unique adrenaline, adventure style in the days when fps took over and went Prince of Persia: Sands of time. The game, which managed to connect the player immediately with its wonderful atmosphere, appealed to a very large segment with its versions made both on consoles and on the PC platform, and had a difficult success to overcome. The famous Prince of Persia of the ancients came to life again in the hands of Ubisoft programmers, with a different game structure, a detailed and intriguing scenario that made him mention his name for a long time. It’s been nearly a year. Again, the FPS took its head off. “Action games thrown aside again?”the prince, who took our eyes with the glow of his sword, returned without leaving us a chance to say. And this time with a much bloodier, much more brutal expression.

Sands of time

As those who played Sands of time will know, at the end of the first story, our prince used the sands of time and turned some events back. But the reckless use of the sands of time, albeit for good, also helped the forces of evil and allowed the creature named Dahaka to reawaken. The second game in the series begins on a ship caught on the attack in torrential rain, after breathtaking demos that start as if it were falling from a roof. The first episode ends with our encounter with a female character in black clothes who will be a pain in the ass and pushes the boundaries of the level of audacity. During our journey to the island of time, we find ourselves among the ruins of a huge castle and this castle.

As soon as we start the game, the first element that attracts our attention is the successful visual effects in places dominated by dark air. Warrior Within, video cards and computer configurations are a one-word visual feast for the good. It is undeniable how positively the fog and smoke effects, shadow games and reflections in the waters have affected the game, which we will notice at high levels of detail. As there are countless combos that we can do, we will have the pleasure of slaughtering creatures in different ways.

Innovation is a beautiful thing

Let’s examine the new elements added to the Prince of Persia game system a little more. First, it’s our ability to use double weapons that attracts attention. Now, instead of fighting with a single sword, we can use the swords or other cutting tools dropped by the creatures we encounter as we wish. Of course, our main weapon that we will use in the game is in place, but we can change our second weapon as we wish. After a dying creature became a cloud of dust and flew away, all that remains is his weapon, which lies unclaimed. We go to the gun and press the” C ” button and get our hands on it. Now that we have two weapons, our strikes are more effective, our combos are more watchable. Of course, there is an element that we should pay attention to. That’s because the weapons are damaged. Although our real sword is never damaged, the weapons we capture from creatures are necessarily damaged and become unusable over time. Especially if we are in a state of too much protection; the damage period becomes even shorter. We can track the damage to our weapon from the icon in the upper-left corner. When the icon turns red, it’s time to change the gun. We also have the ability to launch our second weapon at the enemy while we can use dual weapons. We do it again with the “C” button.You will guess that the overall gameplay is exactly the same as the first production of Sands of time. The progress of the game always follows the same course. When we enter a new place, there are a lot of creatures to beat up. And after we’re done with these, we have a lot of platforms to jump on. Usually, the place we need to reach is announced with a tiny demo as soon as we enter the place. And when we get there, we’re ready for the next stage.

Time differences in story flow

Due to the fact that the story focuses on time and time, various details also catch our eye in the venues. As you will notice after playing the game for a while, the scenario allows us to go back some time, some time to the future. As such, it appears in various details. For example, in the first parts of the game, we enter a ruined ruin. There are many traps around, but each of them has deteriorated over time. But according to the scenario, we go back and set foot in the period when the building we saw was very magnificent. So the pitfalls that we just witnessed that didn’t work are now working. Many more temporal details like this meet us many times in the game.

Warrior Within’s recording system is located in the corridors at the transition between locations, just like in the first game. Every time we pass the puzzle stage, we encounter fountains leaning against the wall. In these fountains, we can renew our power. And we’re saving the game. Because of this system based on Checkpoint logic, if we die anywhere in the game until we reach the next fountain, we start the game again from the last fountain we reached. There’s another little detail about the recording system and refreshing our power. Let’s say you did your save, and after your power was full, you continued on your way, and you lost some power fighting the simplest creatures. “The fountain is close anyway. I’ll go back and renew my power.”if you say; when you return, you will see that the creatures appear again in the same places. This structure, which makes the game a little difficult, is well thought out.

Another feature that we will need at least as much as the registration system, our Recall ability is also available in the game from the moment we move to the second section and helps us greatly. For those who do not know, we will fall off the platform many times due to the structure of Prince Of Persia or lose to the enemy in sword fights and close our eyes to life. Thanks to our ability called Recall, we can take back the last 10 seconds and continue our lives where we left off by not making the mistake we made again. Of course, there is a limit to using this important spell, which we often resort to. Yellow dots in the upper-left corner of the screen indicate how many times we can use Recall power. As the episodes pass, this number gradually increases, but when we consume them by recalling, we must kill the creature and collect the yellow dust that comes out of them to replenish it.

Console-PC difference

As you may recall, last week we reviewed the Xbox version of Warrior within. For those who are curious, let me tell you right away; there is no difference between the console and PC platforms, except for a few graphical effects. The game is exactly the same down to the smallest detail. Of course, there are pros and cons on both sides that bring their own class. For example, after the Xbox, when you play the game on an above-average PC, the difference in graphics immediately stands out. The level of detail hits the ceiling on the PC. In the same way, efets come across with a dazzling state. I said there are pros and cons on both sides. The biggest plus of console versions is that they are much more efficient with controls. It is very difficult to control our character on the PC, especially if we play with the keyboard. In order to get a little closer to the comfort of analog controls on the console, we must also install a game-pad on the PC. Especially when it comes to making combos, keyboard management can force you enough to get tired of the game.

As I described the differences between the console and the PC, I felt we were left in a strange dilemma. Although the camera system is the same on both platforms, it is noticeable that it is better handled on the PC. The camera shows us in three different ways. First, the free angle; here we can rotate the screen as we want with the mouse. The second is fixed camera mode; here the camera stands at a fixed point. Again, we can play the screen with the mouse, but our space for movement is limited. However, at points where we cannot capture the full setting with the free camera, the game automatically switches to this fixed camera that I mentioned. Final camera anglesee also; Landscape camera angle that we can cross with the” Q ” button. Here we see the whole place from a bird’s eye view. Although it’s not very useful, it helps us look at what’s around.

The biggest difference between the two platforms is in artificial intelligence. On PC, our enemies are smarter and more accurate. In fact, their movements and attack patterns are exactly the same, but I’ve encountered a lot of artificial intelligence errors, especially in the Xbox version, where I had a chance to test it. I can say that I gave the PC a plus point when I checked whether the same happened on the PC.

How should a prince be?

Warrior Within is a successful production of quality that can cope with today’s games (including FPS), which are considered graphically superior. As I mentioned earlier, the game that uses the effect up to the last transistor of the graphics card, your system gives hands and turns into a visual feast if you play in high resolution. It is a fact that animation and bloody combos also provide graphical integrity. Another technical plus of the game is that we kill enemies in many different ways and use surrounding objects many times in doing so. The details in the textures are very high on both the important characters and the enemies from your queue. Of course, the main characters seem more detailed to the eye, but the fact is that the most detailed creature on the PC is on the same level as the most detailed creature on the console.

As I mentioned in the console article, the aspect of the Warrior Within game that made the most of an impact on me was definitely their music. Especially the music that plays on the menu screen and manifests itself in the sections where sword battles are concentrated in the game will be called Super, although the album will be taken. The interpretation of classical Arabic melodies with a hard guitar has produced a great melody. Excellent as a musical structure, the game is also above average in terms of sound. The inter-character conversations are very successful, and the effects during the fight are also very good. Situations such as the appearance of incorrect sounds in the console version, which I especially pay attention to, are certainly not in question in this game.

What do you need to play?

Released in two different ways: 3 CDs and DVDs, Warrior Within definitely needs an above-average PC for players with visual expectations. As I mentioned above, you need at least a 2.4 GHz processor, 512 RAM and graphics cards above the GeForceFX 5700 or Radeon 9600 style average to see plenty of visual effects and detailed textures. Of course, you can run the game with lower configurations, but the level of detail that you reduce significantly reduces the visual appearance of the game.

Warrior Within offers much more in one go than what you found and liked in Sands of the time. Darker, bloodier and Wilder, this second game appeals to a slightly higher age level, although it is certain that it will be at the highest levels among action games. Especially in the console version, errors and deficiencies are not found in the PC version is an important element. If you don’t have a gamepad on your PC, you may have serious problems with controls. (As far as I’m concerned, you can’t find a better excuse to get a gamepad than PoP:warrior Within.). It’s definitely a game that needs to be taken and played. Keep your sword sharp…

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