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powerboat gt

There have been Games about all the vehicles that we probably couldn’t control all our lives. I’m not counting cars, because they’re not at a point where they’re out of reach. But traveling on land by trains, in the air by planes, in vast seas by ships requires driver’s licenses that are not the cost of every father. Fortunately, thanks to video games, we sometimes had a chance to replace the captains we coveted. But in the game world, it was perhaps the watercraft that remained in the background. In the last few years, Ship Simulator has been able to use various watercraft. However, since it is” simulation”, most of us have not had enough fun with the production. The powerboat GT was developed to provide the entertainment part of the business. This time it is possible to race with speedboats. And can the production handle the rope first in its lane? Let him.

The powerboat GT, released by DreamCatcher Interactive, is actually a production that has not been sufficiently touted by the firm. For example, even before Ship Simulator came out, it had quite an echo. Because it is not possible to find a large number of specimens belonging to the species. Despite this, the powerboat GT sat on the floor that belonged to it, with a quiet and deep entrance. In fact, it is also possible to identify with racing games whose construction is examples on the market. Both tools and development options have the same features as the land versions of the production. The fast race option, which lacks a story mode with a “look and go” understanding, has been put in place for players who want to access adrenaline as soon as possible, while the classic career mode offers us a ranking that starts from the basis of the event. After the profile we created in Career Mode, we get an engine from a fishing boat, and then we enter the blue waters. Career mode, as shown on the loading screens, consists of a long career of racers who go from fishing boat to expensive sailboat.

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As you can loaf in blue waters, it is possible to enter events by going to racing and special purpose spots. Far from winning races at first, we need money to strengthen and improve our boat. Meeting our cash needs by doing taxi duties, and after creating enough savings, investing in our boat and participating in races is the order we will watch. It is clear that entertainment is brought to the forefront rather than realism in the production. This does not mean that boats are acting against the laws of physics; also, boat and water behavior are quite realistic. But the fact that the production includes arcade elements ensures that the entertainment is emphasized. Weapons used during races will provide the best example of these. It is not possible to stand out against opponents only with a good boat and equipment. Because there is a fierce struggle with weapons and bonuses obtained from boxes placed on the track. Weapons disrupt the engine of other boats, blow them up with rockets, while bonuses such as nitro can capture short-term acceleration advantages. And then all the racers are hostile to each other. It was also a pretty good feature that there was no need to use the weapons immediately, that they could be stored up to four and used later.

We started our career, making money with small taxi duties, and we started not coming back empty from the races. What’s next? Next up is getting in the eye of the sponsors. Because instead of crawling through our careers, the way to get up the rungs is through sponsors. At the end of a few races, we have collected reputation points that will start to fall into the eyes of sponsors. So they start supporting us. The fact that sponsors support us means financial comfort, new boats, new improvements and New Territories. In the game, we are not rowing in a single region alone, we get the opportunity to compete in different seas ranging from Russia and Greece to the Caribbean. Moreover, it is possible to use different vehicles such as seaplanes in these regions. In a boat game, you might be surprised what the plane is doing, it’s pretty normal. But I noted that the production is focused on entertainment. It was a surprise to me when I first saw it. When you are touring the sea, suddenly being able to look at the sea from the sky gives a very different experience.

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Harsh controls

There is a slight rigidity in both boat and aircraft controls, but this is not at an alarming level. In terms of graphics, the Powerboat GT attracts attention, especially in marine and vehicle modeling. Although not too much, it is possible to see that environmental modeling is also not empty. In the non-production, the original music is illustrated on the screen and transmitted by a Jukebox along with the information. In general, the powerboat GT seems to have taken many of its features from car racing. The production, which is a guest on PCs with an unexpected performance from itself, manages to get a score above average and expects to meet game and sea lovers.

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