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We evaluate many games with their graphics, subject matter and sound. In between, we prefer very little because of its playability. The Portal is also a game where everything will not be taken only because of what I count in the first sentence. When it was first announced, I was pretty amateur, but I was sure we’d be faced with something so different. But come on, it didn’t take me any time to realize that it wasn’t even a topic with me installing the game. And what’s with the foam coming out of my mouth? What makes it so painful to even prepare this article? That’s what we’ll see soon…

A few students of the Digipen Institute of Technology got together and prepared a project called Narbacular Drop. The goal was to get to the exit point by opening gates. They presented it at DigiPen’s annual student fair with their own graphics engine. Gabe Nevell, the founder of Valve, immediately owned this project, which he saw and was impressed with at this fair, and hired the entire team together. Then they started developing the portal together. In the process, he offered some ideas on how to sell the game. It was sometimes reported that it would be sold with Orance Box, sometimes as a separate stand-alone project. It was eventually decided to be released in the Oranga Box along with Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Did you think what you’ve solved so far is a puzzle?

Puzzles that appear in many games are generally passed without much difficulty so that they do not affect the flow of the game too much. It’s a little difficult in adventure games. But you’ll figure it out anyway. In the portal, it works the opposite way. You just have to solve puzzles to get through an episode.

The general logic of the portal is as follows. With the tool in your hand (very similar to the gravity gun in Half Life 2), you open passages where you can determine the two ends. You need to use these gates to get to the elevator at the end of the section. Although it is easy to write, it is not so easy to do. Especially after the episodes have progressed. Because at many points, just opening a gate doesn’t work. Sometimes it requires you to open it to the ceiling, fall on top of your target, sometimes it requires you to open it to the bottom of the room where you are, jump to it from a place above, gain speed and reach the other side. As it turns out, it’s hard to even explain.

I said it’s not enough to just use the portal to get a result. At the same time, you need to properly direct the weapons that are in the department and are constantly firing at you. For example, you need to open one end of the pass into the path of the gun’s bullet and destroy the gun in a lot of time. After the weapon you destroyed, you will put a box on the weight sensors on the ground that you will find and open the door somewhere.

I wish I could play many times

All this time we’ve been praising and telling. Now, does this game have no problem? There, of course. Only once, have to be one of the main playable. After all, although you intend to play again because the episodes are statically prepared, the second game will not give pleasure because you will solve it with the same system. Of course, it has a feature that compensates for this due to the large number of episodes. It has a total of 19 decals, 4 main sections. In some episodes, you can spend 3-4 minutes, while in others you can spend 30 minutes or even more. It’s all about seeing the solution. Because missing a very small detail may cost you an hour.

As I said, the portal, which is even quite complicated to describe, is the perfect solution for those who are always bored with the same scenarios, but do not want to compromise features such as graphics and sound, more calm, but are looking for a game that will thoroughly force your brain.


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