PlayStation 5 Sales Announced

PlayStation 5

As the first quarter of the year ended, Sony revealed how much the PlayStation 5 had sold since November.

According to the statements, the PS5 has sold even more than Sony expected. In addition, the PS4 still does not have bad sales. Japanese tech giant Sony, with its meeting held in 2021 1. it announced its financial results for the quarter. The company also mentioned the company’s revenues and expenses during its disclosures, as well as sales figures for the PS4 and PS5, the last two PlayStation versions.

According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 reached 3.3 million sales in the first quarter of the year alone, surpassing the total of 7.8 million sales since November 2020, when it went on sale. Sony’s estimated sales in the same period were 7.6 million. Therefore, we can say that the interest of game lovers in the PlayStation 5 surprised even Sony.

PlayStation 4, PS5 are still getting a lot of attention despite being announced

Sony also announced sales of the PlayStation 5, as well as the PlayStation 4, which was released about 8 years ago today. The PlayStation 4 surpassed the 1 million sales threshold in the first quarter of 2021, and reached 115.9 million sales in total. Although the number of PS4 sales in the first quarter decreased by 400 thousand compared to the same period last year, it would not be wrong to say that the 8-year console is still receiving a great level of interest despite the presence of the PS5.

1 in 2021, according to Sony. there were a total of 47.6 million PlayStation Plus subscribers at the end of the quarter, which means that the number of PS Plus subscribers has increased by 6.1 million in the past year. Again, according to Sony, in the last quarter of the 2020 fiscal year, a total of 61.4 million software (games, applications, etc.) for PS4 and PS5) sold. This means that 65.3 million software was sold, a decrease of 3.9 million compared to the same period of the previous year.


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