PlayStation 5 opens to pre-order in China, runs out in 20 minutes


Sony’s game console PlayStation 5, which is stock-strapped around the world, recently opened for pre-order in China and sold out in about 20 minutes.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console for the next generation, as you know, is suffering from stock shortages all over the world due to Covid-19 and high demand. At the moment, including our country, the PlayStation 5 is unfortunately not available. It recently opened to pre-order in China.

The PlayStation 5 had previously been physically available in China, and the store had experienced a major stampede. This time, the PlayStation 5, which will be distributed on May 15, has been made available for pre-order for Chinese players via the internet. About 20 minutes after the PlayStation 5 began pre-production, all the products sold out. ı ı ıı

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According to Niko Partners, the PlayStation 5, which opened for pre-order in China, has 50,000 units. So 50,000 PlayStation 5 sold out in about 20 minutes. It was also recently announced that more PlayStation 5s will be added to stocks in China. ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı ı  ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı ı ı  ıı ı ı ı  ı ıı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı  ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ıı 

In the last days of 2020, the PlayStation 5 was ordered in Turkey via Amazon and took about 30 seconds to run out. Of course, the only reason it’s running out so fast is because there are only 50 PlayStation 5s in stock. It is not known when stocks will be renewed in our country.


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