Platypus Review


The number of those who do not play sliding-screen war games, called Shoot’em up, from those who have an identity that has played games in the past, is probably very small. It’s a settled species, from Commodore to tutunda mobile phones in general. In this regard, you are very likely to have played or seen it, whether you want to. Platypus, a guest on the PC platform, was a game devoid of story, consisting of six different environments and based on destruction by shooting at anything in front of you. Although shooting at everything was a feature of the genre, it had some shortcomings due to its lack of sufficient content, story and playability. This time, the production, which is a guest on the PSP platform, attracts attention again with its very fun and simple structure.

Sliding screen

In platypus, which comes out in the hands of popular web and simple PC games designer Mumbo Jumbo games, we control our plane with arrow keys or an analog lever, while also performing the functions of shooting with a single button. But it doesn’t take us long to find out that the internal incoming weapon on the plane is a rather powerless weapon that doesn’t work very well. However, depending on our development throughout the game, power-enhancing packages appear, and by collecting these packages, we increase the capabilities of our weapon with limited power. But since these packages are only available for twenty seconds, they lose their effect when the time expires. However, due to the fact that they appear quite often and the time of the packages collected in a row extends, this does not cause much trouble. Power-boosting packages make up perhaps the most interesting content in the production. They stand out not only because of their good availability or effects, but also because they are quite creative and applicable to the desired weapon.

In addition, thanks to a machine gun and five different packages, it can be performed in actions such as killing enemies in special ways, collecting stars of various colors to leave the ship. While spreading-style fires can kill a large number of enemies at the same time, we double our normal killing capacity when the opportunity for serial fire arises. And with the sound pulses we sent, we were able to get rid of the bullets sent by the enemies. Rockets, on the other hand, are our most basic needs to fight against six different main enemies (bosses) that appear throughout the game. Enemies who appear throughout episodes usually die after a few shots, while the bosses we encounter at the end of each six different episodes are a little harder to kill. In fact, killing bosses is more a result of the right timing than a struggle. But sometimes it happens when we come face to face with death. However, when we started the game, we started with four main and two credit lives, so we don’t have much trouble in this respect. Lives can also be earned in sections, as well as at the end of each episode completed with success, we are rewarded with a credit life.

Apart from the single-player story mode, the production has a survival mode that can be played via Ad-Hoc. If you die in this mode where you play with your friend, you can watch your friend play the episode. Although the production is visually repetitive, it can be said that it is generally good. It doesn’t promise much in terms of sounds either. But it can be said that explosions and gunshots are sufficient. Platypus in general has some technical shortcomings, but for those who love the species, it has been a structure where they can have a very fun time.

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