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If you’re involved in the game world somewhere, you don’t have much choice. For the rest of your life, you will undoubtedly play games. Of course, the games will not stay with this. You will be waiting for a new game you are playing with great curiosity. When you get exactly the production you want, another game will come out and draw all the attention to you. Because the new game is more successful and more fun than you have. By saying that it doesn’t hurt to try, you will be promoted to this new game and you will like it very much. In fact, this vicious circle always goes on like this. The stories change, the graphics change and new games are presented to players. We sometimes met this big change in users with maximum demand, and sometimes we turned it down with the back of our hand. Because some games gave us wide and high-quality fiction with the materials they contained, while others could not go beyond failed imitations… But no matter what anyone says, the world of games has given us a taste of pleasures that we have never tasted. One day we saved our world from alien invasion, the next day we lifted trophies in the air at the head of our football team… So the bottom line is that we can do a lot of things that we can’t do in our real life, on a 4-corner monitor screen, maybe in a few seconds. The game we’re going to look at now is called Pizza Dude. I don’t know if you’ve ever worked in a pizza place, but a production called Pizza Dude aims to give us this experience! Let’s see how long he can live.

Pizza is hard work!

When we enter the game, we encounter a very simple menu. After selecting the most appropriate settings for ourselves from the Options section, we click on “new game”and come to the character selection screen. Pizza Dude has 2 characters to choose from. The characters, a girl and a boy, do not differ from each other except in their appearance. For this reason, you can choose what you want and start the game. Actually, it’s a figure of speech. Because Pizza Dude doesn’t have a playable side! Immediately after the character selection screen, you watch a short video created with in-game graphics. The purpose of this video is to show us the city. But the first item that attracts attention at this point is the graphics of Pizza Dude. As soon as I see these graphics, I take a look at the release date of the game. Oh, my god, it came out in May 2005! However, what we see in the game gives the impression that it came out in May 2002!

When we put up with the graphics and look at the theme of the game, we see that we run our own Pizza shop. But this is such a pizza place that we’re the only employees! Imagine that we take orders and we prepare them in the kitchen(already the shop consists of the kitchen)! In addition to all this, we deliver orders to their places in our motor vehicle!

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Now let’s briefly talk about our working principle. First, the phone in our store helps us pick up orders. When we go to it and press “enter,”in the bar that opens at the bottom of the screen, we are asked what kind of pizza is indicated by pictures. For example, let’s say you ordered a pizza with cheese and tomatoes. All you have to do is go to the cheese in your kitchen and press “enter”. In this way, a cursor appears on the screen indicating that the cheese has been chopped. In the meantime, we go to the tomatoes and apply the same process again. So our character suddenly appears in his hand, a pizza box. Not to mention the clock that counts down in the top corner of the screen. At this point, we have to deliver the pizza to its place before the deadline expires. We get out of the store and jump into our motor vehicle!

That must be unplayability!

You come next to the car and, as you can imagine, press “enter”to get into the car. From the moment you step on the gas, the game(don’t take it seriously, it’s a figure of speech) is unplayable(!) is brought into question. Because the car you are using is designed not to move completely(!) So it makes you regret moving it! And the producers put “nitro” in this car! If you expect any effects from these graphics, immediately throw this idea in the trash. Because there is no such thing. With nitro, which is fully prepared for you to deliver sparis to their place faster, your car is getting even more out of control. We can say that there is no such thing as playability anymore!

In the game (I said game again!) orders are taken in two stages. First, you need to park your car in the circle indicated in blue. Second, you must walk into the yellow circle! Let’s just say that with a thousand difficulties, you crashed right and left, couldn’t take corners, stuck in the recesses of buildings, delivered the pizza to the Blue place where you were supposed to take it. You get out of the vehicle(if there is time left). After that, you have to find a place to go on foot. Here’s your job, it’s funny enough to put you on the floor laughing. I mean, I wonder who orders pizza on the top floor of the building? Yeah, Pizza Dude has a mission to deliver pizza to a place like this! You get off the car, and you start jumping and jumping off the construction Pier. I don’t know what floor you find where you should leave the pizza. Just as we’re about to reach the yellow circle, the time runs out! At this point, you don’t give up what you call the mindset of ordering pizza to construction(!)

Another ridiculous thing about Pizza dude is that it starts all over again after every order you can’t deliver! Imagine ordering a pizza from a place that looks like canyons in America, which we can call out of town. You come to the area and get out of the car. You have to go through a place like the Sirat Bridge and take the pizza all the way to the House. You’re already right and left. You’re in rough terrain. And because you have little time, you move forward by jumping! You see, everything seems to be in order for you to fall. So either the time runs out or you fall off the bridge! I’d like to point out that I never passed that mission.

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And a pizza order from the ship. I thought, if I seriously called a pizza place and said I wanted to order pizza on board, what would the guy’s answer be(?!) At Pizza Dude, you receive such an order and meet it perfectly normal, and you fall on the road. It’s another order I can’t take. Because when you get to the pier, you have to get out of your car and jump into boxes over the sea to get to the ship. Unfortunately, that mission ended for me at sea.

At Pizza Dude, the bullshit doesn’t end with that. Some of the houses where you take your orders are attacked by dogs. In some, you have to go through the maze… The bottom line is that producer Team6 Game Studios did everything it could to make their production unplayable(!) Obviously, there is nothing in Pizza Dude in the name of playability! If you say graphics, if we were in 2002, maybe the production would have a chance with these images, but it is also quite backward in this regard! The music on the main menu is irrelevant to the game. The contents of the game are similar to the music of games I played on a floppy disk years ago. You’d expect Pizza Dude, an infamous production in every aspect, to be bad at sound effects.

And there’s nothing good about Pizza Dude? As far as we can see in the office, the only good thing is that the task order changes every time you open the building. But there are such a limited number of tasks that you often encounter the same tasks. In other words, a good-faith effort was again frustrated as a result.

This construction is limited. When you move graphics settings to the highest level, your system shrinks. The system I play the game with is a P4 2.4 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and a GeForce FX5700 video card. I would like to point out that I was very shocked to see that the system was forced when all the details were at the top! As a result, Pizza Dude was a production that you should definitely stay away from. If you bought it before reading this article bare don’t tell anyone you did something like this(!) Don’t even buy Pizza Dude if you’re looking for a game where you can be a pizzeria all your life! Because the production doesn’t have much of a game-like side. Don’t get distracted by the game and forget about real life…


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