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pilot academy

Developed by Kuju Entertainment, Pilot Academy tries to get your feet off the ground with the PSP. Even on many platforms, including a PC, we are not used to seeing flight simulations that do not have many varieties on hand consoles. Even on Sony’s handheld PSP console, frankly, I didn’t think this kind of production would be successful at first. But contrary to what I think, I can say that the production has an entertaining structure. Without further ado, we’re putting on our UMD and requesting permission to take off from the tower…

Tower answer

As with most productions, we first create a character, a pilot, and then log in to the menu, which has a simple appearance. The main menu consists of Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Pilot Records, Load/Save Game, Hangar, Free Flight and options. Each option that we navigate through to select in the main menu with the arrow keys, represented by a separate plane located in the apron, also added a pleasant menu. Before talking about the Singleplayer mode, which forms the main structure of the game, let’s briefly talk about some other menu options… As you can imagine, Pilot Records keeps general statistics about your piloting and flights in general. The Hangar gives you enough information about all aircraft models in construction, although not very detailed. Free Flight mode allows you to fly freely with any open plane, regardless of mission and story, as the name suggests.


The cornerstone of the game, Singleplayer, has content that will please you a lot. Lessons (lessons), Missions (tasks), Challenges (challenging tasks) are divided into separate categories under their own three main sections. The courses are divided into civil and military education under itself. As a basic flight training in civilian courses, you are trained on topics such as preparation for takeoff from the runway, turns, altitude protection and adjustment, landing on the runway. In military courses, training such as basic target training, sending missiles, taking precautions in the face of the enemy, ground attack are given and both training modes result in final tests. I strongly recommend that you complete the training in terms of the future of you and your aircraft.

After completing our flight training, the queue comes to Mission Mode to perform tasks. The mission mode is also divided into two main sub-branches, civil and military. If you say that you prefer civil mode to float in the blue sky by performing a quiet flight, Your Enthusiasm will remain a little kursag. Because not all civilian missions allow your plane to dance in harmony with the sky. In addition to partially calm sections such as organizing tourist trips, providing taxi services, transporting animals to the natural environment, reactionary sections such as volcano observation, fire fighting, completing a safe flight in storm and hose weather are also waiting for you. Military missions, on the other hand, carry one-on-one content for players who love action. Missions such as airstrikes and defenses, military reconnaissance, night flying, defense flights, looting, and bombing allow you to experience images that will not search for battle scenes. By the way, it’s worth noting; 1 in production.Biplanes of World War II, 2.We can choose from a wide range of aircraft, from World War II aircraft, Cold War jets to Jumbo Jet and Boing. A small portion of the planes are open at the beginning of the game, while new planes become available as the mission is completed.

Pilot Academy reveals the difference to PSP once again. It cuts off our feet with an above-average flight simulation with clean graphics, realistic flight dynamics and a physics engine. Pilot Academy is not a pure simulation, but it is an undeniable fact that it is not just an arcade-based production. Besides the beautiful environment and engine sounds, the music shows its lack. Pilot Academy is a clean flight game that you can play on PSP with dynamism in the taste of simulation, fun in the taste of arcade. Haven’t we spent enough time on the floor?


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